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Gas Gas under KTM - support, getting parts etc...


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Short story: I am looking for feedback on what's the general experience in getting Gas Gas parts and service under the new KTM ownership

Longer story: I have a 2013 Gas Gas TXT which I have religiously maintained and upgraded throughout the years: Tech + Ohlins suspensions, Braktec brakes, did a full rebuild of the engine - new top end, changed every single bearing and seal in the engine, etc...).  I do love my Gas Gas and I could maintain it and rider it for many years to come but I have the new bike hitch (I am in California and there are new emission regulations coming down that makes it the right time to get a bike).

I know that KTM has done a lot of things to promote the Gas Gas brand (mostly MX and enduro bikes tho), but the fact that they require every dealer to have trials bikes on the show floor is a great thing I think.

I would love to get a new TXT, but... having been a Husqvarna owner during the BMW to KTM transition (and a Husaberg owner during the transition too), I can tell you that this was a nightmare: new dealers didn't want support the prior year models, older dealer didn't have access to parts, KTM didn't buy the inventory of parts for the prior year models, etc... etc...

I am hearing that the Gas Gas to KTM transition is following the same model:  I know for sure that my local dealer(s) don't know sh*t about trials bike, and I am not even sure that I would trust them doing any work on a non-KTM or Husky bike (I am hearing from former Gas Gas dealer that are getting new Gas Gas owner asking them to work on their bikes!).

I have also heard that getting parts for the newer bikes is a challenge.  I had switched to buying parts from the UK a long time ago (better service, better availability, better expertise, better prices, faster and cheaper delivery) but the small Gas Gas dealers in the UK have been squeezed out too...  So that might dry out too.

So any feedback, success or horror stories on how's life for Gas Gas trials bike owners under the KTM control would be great.


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Following as I'm in the same boat as you with a 2010 that I maintain religiously and has 450 hours but it is a legit green sticker so need it to last until 2025.   Will be curious to hear what others have to say about dealer support since I've been mostly using places like trialsuperstore for parts. 

Where about in CA are you located?

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