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B40 wd


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Hi all,

Have just acquired the remnants of a b40wd. Was sold to me as a Stafford but having had those in the past I was sure the frame was different.  Have found the frame number B40GB 3213 which leads me to believe it is a  wd B40 issued to the UK army in 1969.  The only original bits appear to be the rear wheel and the frame itself so I am thinking of creating a trials/green lane type thing.  I have read a few articles on this and it seems that the wd bikes are particularly suited to this, or am i mistaken?  Also, I have looked at various frame pictures online and none seem quite like mine, although it does have the bracket for the remote oil filter - any advice greatly appreciated

Thanks ,







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They indeed can make a nice trail bike. The frame is very similar to the Victor and takes modern components without too much hassle. The GB engine is a tough one but not exactly exciting. It comes with a wide rartio gearbox which is handy meaning you can have a lowish first gear but a reasonably high top for when on the tarmac

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The rear wheel definitely isn’t original WD, it should be a QD ‘crinkle’ type hub with steel backplate. That looks to be standard B40 alloy backplate and full width cast iron hub.

Try contacting Lee Mitchell at bsawdb40.com, he should be able to tell you more from the frame number.

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