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    BSA C15

    Er, surely if scot buys a Drayton frame and a load of modern bits he'll end up with something totally different to a proper pre65 trials bike?! BSA had a bit of an idea about trials bikes and what they did was convert a standard C15 and turned it into a trials bike - admittedly one that still needed loads of work to make it competitive!! I agree with what has been said though, it will cost a fortune in time and money, better to buy one already done or perhaps half done?
  2. Thanks Jon, I've thought I might get Dave to rebuild my B40 and give it a bit more oomph so good to hear you're happy. I've got the RR engine book, must get the other two sometime.
  3. I used to have mine the 'right' way up because to me they look right that way. I had a few comments but the thing that made me change them was because I noticed that mud gathered on the top of the damper where the piston rod slides which I thought might wear the seals quicker.
  4. Esso Super unleaded is reputed to be ethanol free at the moment. I think there might be a couple of exceptions geographically such as the South west. I looked at the Ethanil kits but was put off by the fact that it significantly lowers the octane level, might not be a problem to most trials bikes though.
  5. Something like these products: http://www.jb-weld.co.uk/metal-repair
  6. Well I'm pretty sure you can change the seal without taking the sleeve gear out! It should be possible but I guess it would be easier with the gearbox internals out and sleeve gear removed. Centre punching is a bit of a bodge to be honest and a last resort. Probably very difficult to do with the engine in the bike. Basically the surface that is worn is centre punched all round it's circumference, the small craters into the soft alloy (or steel in other cases) make the surface slightly higher and give the bearing/seal etc something to grip on. Can also be done on a shaft to help hold a loose bearing race. My B40 has had it done and is still holding ok. The epoxy I use is from work so can't really comment on what brands to use that you might find in the shops. The best ones will be the grey metalised ones, I think there might be one called Permametal. If you've not already got it the best money you can spend on your unit single is the Rupert Ratio engine manual.
  7. You need to remove the primary chain case cover, remove the clutch (puller needed) which might also need the front engine sprocket and alternator removing, then behind the clutch there is a cover plate with about 6 screws which needs to come off. Then you can finally see the gearbox sprocket. This needs to be removed to get to the seal behind it. Quite often the seal is loose in the gearbox due to it turning and wearing the casing. There are various ways of sorting this, some form of strong epoxy, centre punching the ID of the casing etc. Good luck!
  8. I use mine on my commute! Well occasionally when it's not raining and I can be bothered to get my gear on. The Pirelli is fine at 50-60 mph and is suprisingly good on cornering. I've seen them being used in trials so they can't be that bad for that either.
  9. The sticky type of tyres like the Michelins you mention are a bit dodgy on the road, especially on a heavier bike. I once put on on my B40 WD, it was fine for the first few miles but as soon as it got warm it would wander all over at the rear. The Pirelli MT43 is ok on the road but not as grippy for trials.
  10. Mine has a Triumph piston in it I think, gives it about 270cc. It came from a guy who advertises on eBay with unit single rebuilds etc. Good service from him and the rebored barrel and piston worked out almost the same as buying a piston and having mine bored. I've got the Electrex World ignition, expensive and needs a bit of tweaking to fit but works well and is a neat solution if you don't need lights.
  11. It's not a rediculous title, or at least it wasn't when it was first coined and for quite a few years after. It's simple, you buy/already own a bike made before 1965, convert it into a trials bike using parts that were around during that era and then ride it. Obviously no one is going to expect that consumable or general parts need be made 50 years ago but the major components should be. When people started using bikes made from modern frames, yokes made from a machined lump of alloy and fork internals from an MZ they ruined what was a good idea. Everyone is to blame, the riders that use the fiddle parts, the organisers for not checking the eligibility of the bikes and the other competitors for not protesting on the day. I count myself in that last one, the last trial I rode in stated in the final instructions that replica parts had to not only look like the originals but also be made of the same material. Virtually all the other bikes in my class looked to have billet alloy yokes and I really should have pointed that out to the organisers but I don't ride that often and so couldn't be bothered. If I were taking it seriously and riding more competitively I might think about having a whinge though. I definitely wouldn't start butchering my bike to try and compete with the others.
  12. If it's true that classic trialing is killing itself, the few grand required to buy a bike surely can't be the reason. Its the lack of anyone taking notice of the (inadequate and unregulated) rules that has allowed people to build and ride bikes that cost more than they need to. This then means that someone riding a proper old machine is disadvantaged. Anyway I don't really see that there is a massive problem, entries are reasonable considering you can can ride virtually every weekend at least somewhere and the premier event of the year is over subscribed threefold.
  13. I didn't see any film crews other than the normal photographers. To be honest I can't really see why it would be of any benefit to the world of pre 65 trials if someone made a programme about it. Yes it would be interesting to those already involved but I can't see it changing much, not in the right direction anyway.
  14. Well I watched Guy on a couple of sections yesterday and he looked interested in what he was doing and not 'playing' at it. You could tell he wasn't going to do very well though! Also good to see that he didn't look like he'd gone out and bought 'all the gear'! I was one of the ones that didn't get a ride but I'm not bitter, in fact after watching some of them struggle up Pipeline I'm almost glad I didn't get an entry!!
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