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I have been sitting on the fence ever since seeing the intro of the Montesa 260 at the Toronto Motorcycle Show. 
Finally jumped in with both feet and bought a mint 2016 260RT. 

Only gone through 2 tankfuls so far on the trails around our place, but what a machine. It just walks up slippery muddy slopes with ease and is so nimble compared to the GS 1250 I had at Clinton Smout’s 2 day course (highly recommended BTW) 2 years ago. 
I am wondering if there are any trials courses close to Port Perry On. 
Riding extremely slow is really really hard. Lol

Hope to meet everyone at events next year and glad to be a member. 

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Great choice - I sold my 2016 260RT earlier this year to buy a new one. Having had it for 5 years it was an awesome bike. Keep on top of the usual maintenance and then the oil/oil filter changes and you’ll never have any problems. Good luck and enjoy!

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Thanks this bike had only 20 hours on it and a recent service at a Honda dealer. The oil filter looks like a PITA. lol. 
The front suspension has been re-calibrated for a bit of a heavie rider which is good. There are carbon fibre fork guards, engine guards along with carbon fibre muffler guard and the optional seat.

I’m so thankful for the optional seat for a little bit of a break between sections. Lol

I’ll have to get in better shape because a half hour on gnarly trails it’s pretty exhausting. And I thought a day on the racetrack was tiring  lol

So glad I bought this as I had been looking forward to it for years cheers

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Trials is absolutely exhausting to begin with, because a new rider's instincts are to fight the bike ... if I've had a bit of a break I catch myself doing it again as well :P

Glad you're enjoying yourself, stick at it and it'll get easier in no time!

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