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Bultaco economy engine stand

larry s. k.

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Cool but is it so study enough to mount the clutch or apply the torque wrench? 

I personal use wood too for constructing temporary mounts for the engines or working at the frame. 

A 100x100 mm wood beam is capable of support more weight, tension and torque then a 100x100 double T steel beam.

What glue did you use to mount the woodem pillars? 

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No torq . Has epoxie , bondo , if it falls apart I will put the screws in it  , what going on , I have this project , rebuilding engine , on .121   Replica ,  one my prized basket case , from  empty engine case up  , I can’t waist  time  ! , spending a lot  time finding parts  , matching the right parts , that fit this engine  , , like transmission gears , , found older  mod 68  for the transmission   If it fits  working on that now , and 123 Astro for the crankshaft. . That where I at now , , previous , I sanded down frame for 2 weeks and painted it ,  , and the fuel tank copy painted  121 ,   I purchased 3 years ago , just started a month ago ,   Ho when I get to the clutch , will be off this temp , and on , work bench ,,   Cheers  pschrauber 


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