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advice needed. beta rev3 fuel tap replacement


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hello matey peeps.. can someone advice me how to replace my fuel tap. im not sure if ive buggered the threads taking my leaking tap off. the locknut had a split in it and petrol was bleading through the crack. i bought a replacement tap but the threads dont want to mate together.

not sure if the nut goes on first ...then you thread the tap in to the nut.....looks like id have to remove the carb and exhaust pipe to do this though...not enough room to rotate the fuel tap. ..its a 2003 bike.

my wife thinks ive got touretes ....since i started this fix....and its making me cry.


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It may be difficult as the threads are tricky to start on both threads at once without PTFE tape.   Check the nut on the tap thread and on the tank thread before trying to mount to see that they are free. 

My picture does not show it but there is a black plastic washer around the base of the filter which forms the seal between the tap and the tank, so you should not need tape.  

Check that the nut goes over the washer, as that causes extra friction to the nut when trying to mount the tap. If necessary gently file the outside edge of the black washer until the nut will pass over it without jamming. Once you know the threads are free and the nut is free over the washer you have to gently align the tap and turn the nut so that both threads engage equally -avoid cross threading!

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