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Bottom Yoke Rev 3


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So I twisted my forks when I took a tumble at the weekend. 
I loosened off the bottom yoke pinch bolts, mudguard bolts and axle pinch bolts and straightened it all out best I could. I then retightened everything up.

The only reference I could find that mentioned torque settings said ‘steering stem bracket 25nm’, I realise now that wasn’t referring to the yoke pinch bolts as I tightened them to this and sheared one off! So I bought some snapped bolt removal tools, carefully drilled in, started winding it with a spanner and then snapped that bloody thing off!

So now I have part of a snapped off tempered steel removal tool also in the hole, I have been trying for hours now with various drills and a Dremel but I’m not making much headway. So two questions really.

Firstly, has anyone got any sage knowledge on how to sort this out? Secondly, the bottom yoke on mine (‘08 model) has three bolts each side, most I’ve seen only have two. Would it be safe to run it with one of the three missing?

Oh, and does anyone know the correct torque value??


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As you have found out, the removal tools are hard - either carbon or high speed steel. The engineering solution is to 'burn' it out on an EDM machine but not cheap - probably more than a second hand yolk. Can you weld anything on the tool? or get to the back of the broken screw even drilling another hole to it?

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On 11/26/2021 at 2:07 AM, Hughie said:

Sorted it! After messing about with the  Dremel and all sorts I tried a Bosch multi drill and it drilled it straight through. I’ve just used a longer bolt and put a nyloc on it 👍

How well did the multi-drill deal with the hardened bolt shank? I've got a similar problem but with a handlebar clamp bolt and am trying do decide how to deal with it

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