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SWM/MOTO GORI long kickstart required.


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Hopefully somebody has a full length kickstart lever to fit my SWM tl320, some years ago (20+ :( ) I replaced mine with I think one off an Aprilia TX/TXR/Climber which hit the footrest so with a bit of heat, well a lot of heat I bent it to match the original lever. I have dug it out from the dark corner of the garage to restore to a usable trials bike ( the joys of retirement)  but with the problem of being 20+ years older & having short legs I cannot get it to start ! 

I have purchased a new one off of Ebay apparently for an SWM but the only part that will fit is the spline Knuckle part the lever is still too short & will fowl the footrest. 

Pictures are of the one I bent with the one supplied which is 1/2" longer than mine & the Gori full length one & the bent one on my SWM so you can see how short it is.

Any help/ advice greatly appreciated, or has anyone successfully lengthened a kickstart?

Rich Hall  




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I'm assuming you got that from Old Knobblies ?  I heated and bent mine to suit, plus ground the frame marginally as required. I also tapped the head and fitted a decompressor to ease over tdc. This takes a huge amount of the effort out of starting.

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