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Hi all and thank you for your interest, not much work done over the last couple of months as my workshop is too cold. What I have been doing is the motor and more problems found. I thought it strange that there was no drain plug for the clutch, what they had done was to fit the drain plug from the inside of the case and weld up the outside then blend it in? I spoke to my mate and he said to leave it as he doesn't mind taking off the case to do an oil change, not for me but his decision, so that's what I'll do. After fitting the clutch plates back in after checking, home made compression tool, I set about refitting the cases. What I found was where I thought a fixing screw had fell out and lost, there was a tap broken off deep inside and there was remnants of glue inside, they had glued a screw inside to make it look good, cowboys come to mind. The tap was in too deep to remove but there was some of the casing above the broken tap, fortunately it was a hole with the dowel pin so I got a spare dowel pin, scuffed the inside with my dremel, got a casing screw and put a film of vaseline over the threads and filled the dowel with jb weld and inserted the screw making sure it was compressed and let it set for a couple of days. First i removed the screw to check the threads, the vaseline worked a treat and the threads were perfect, then I replaced the screw, put it in the vice and attacked it with a hammer, it held really well before pulling the threads out and easily strong enough to hold the casing on so I did the same on the crankcase making sure that the casing that was left above the broken tap was scored enough to get a firm hold before inserting the scored dowel then repeated with a new screw making sure the jb weld was compacted in. It worked a treat and has got more than enough torque to hold the casing on. I hope this is the last problem but then again, I like working things out. More to follow.

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7 hours ago, oldtimetrials said:

Hi all, well I have braved the cold and done a little more, mainly the tank and seat unit. Here is what she looks like now.


With pukka aluminium mudguards too. Complete with authentic wrinkles behind the rear frame loop!

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