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TY175 Bottom Fork Seal Removal


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How do you remove the seal under the bolt at the bottom of the fork?  Do you need to replace if it looks OK?  I currently have 2 sets of forks.  One set has what looks like a red fiber washers in place but they do not want to move almost like they are glued on place.  I don't know if both sides sealed or not.  The second set looks like it has copper washers on top of the red fiber washers.  Both sides of this did seal.  

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A single copper washer is standard. Yes not the easiest thing to remove if the screw has been done up very tight and spread the washer.

It doesn't matter if you remove it or not so long as it seals by the time you put the forks together.

You can buy the special copper washers from Yamaha so don't be concerned about damaging them while taking them out if you need to.

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