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So. I will take my time to explain as best as i can. Sorry for my english

So i bought a husky wr250 2007 ( i think) with no spark. After trying some cdi s i had around i got one working (by working i mean spark) tried to startnthe bike but all it does it pops thru the exhaust, after many days of fiddling around i removed the stator and flywheel case and look like it has an mini 4 hierro motoplat flywheel and stator. Tried retarding the spark but same results, then i had the ideea to take the cilinder head out put the spark plug next to the cilinder and i took a slow mo vid to see if the spark meets the piston at TDC and it does but then sparks one more time at btdc??? Why it does that? I dont know what to do anymore. And i dont have money to throw at it at all. Any help will be much apricated. Thanksreceived_1343433886426977.thumb.jpeg.2e213f7ab03336edc7c5ecc9f2bcac5f.jpegreceived_534420161928279.thumb.jpeg.c1d425af7a8e67c400d591e0a9a19bbc.jpeg



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