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4RT not starting: Problem solved!


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I recently posted that a friend's 4RT had a spark and a plug wet with fuel but would not run.

Following advice from various sources, I;

Checked that the air filter was not over-oiled and that the fuel cap was breathing correctly.

Drained the tank and removed the top banjo from the injector so I could soak out that fuel with a rag, replaced the fuel with fresh 99 octane and checked the fuel was running freely from the outlet. BTW, I met a guy once who had (evventually!) found that atheft-detection transponder had come unglued inside the tank and blocked the fuel line!

Replced the plug with a brand new CR6EH-9

Reassembled and kicked it repeatedly with the plug out to hopefully draw throufgh the new fuel.

Checked the routing of the throttle cable and lubed it to ensure that the throttle was fully closing with an audible click at the injector end. (I'm sure everybody knows by now that 4RT's only start on a dead throttle)

Wound the idle adjuster out ONE FULL TURN anti-clockwise

Replaced the plug and fully rotated the kickstart twice SLOWLY with the throttle wide open to reset the ECU; I know the jury is out as to whether this is a real thing or not, but it can't hurt.

Carefully positioned the kickstart to find the top of the compression at the 5 to 12 position.

Kicked it smoothly all the way down and held the kickstart against the footrest.

It starts first or second kick every time now.

I had to readjust the tickover speed once it had warmed up, so don't put the mdguard back on until it is running!

Many thanks to all who offered suggestions and happy riding.

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