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Bike characteristics


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Hey there guys this is just a question purely out of interest, I recently started the sport and am absolutely loving it so much fun! 

I’m intrigued to know what are the stereotypical characteristics good and bads of the different brands eg gasgas, beta, trs, sherco, vertigo?

I know a lot is personal preference but just trying to make sense of it all.



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Hard to get a non biased opinion on this. So heres my possibly biased opinion

Gasgas- Best 300 engine. Clutches can be temperamental, but when set up correctly possibly the best clutch. Quite neutral feeling in my opinion, but i hear the new 23 has steeper steering

Beta - Usually the cheapest, in the UK anyway, but the base model has cheap suspension. Steepest steering angle so some love how tight they turn while others just dont like the twitchiness. Rides different than all the other makes

Sherco/scorpa - Pretty down the middle in my opinion. New fuel injected model should be interesting

Montesa- Bullet proof, but comes with a weight penalty.

Vertigo- Any ive ridden seem quite flat power wise but havent ridden a nitro myself. 

TRS - Bit ugly IMO, but nothing overly bad to say about them. Similar engine characteristics to the GG

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So would you say them the gasgas has a tendency for a more planted balanced feel to it?

do the TRS have that similar feel in terms of balance point and what not?

yeh I certainly don’t think I’d like the super twitchy feel like you where saying about the beta. I’m on a gas gas at the moment and love it!

also I’d heard different about the vertigo that they can actually feel to snappy in power to much go in them if you get me.


thanks for replying by the way

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I think Faussy's comments are pretty much there, except as a TRS rider I obvs think they look cool and yes they do feel similar to a Gasser but I think that they are easier to start and the TRS engine is fine thanks as is the clutch on the newer RR 300s. 

Vertigos feel a bit wide where the fuel tank is on other bikes no sure why and the fuel injection tho' clean does feel different and 'flat' is a good description. It was the same on the 2012 era Ossa that was also injected. 

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