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Rear mudguard mods


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I've been setting up my newly acquired 2021 TRS One RR 300 to my personal preferences and am left wondering about the rear mudguard and airbox.

I've read a few threads where people have cracked airboxes after looping the bike.
On most of my previous bikes I've modified the rear guard fitments so the rear guard can pop off the bike without breaking anything other than fasteners in a crash.
I setup a Sherco with magnetic connectors which were pretty cool - the guard would just reseat itself after a crash and I'd carry on, sometimes without even realising it had popped off.
On my Betas I taped the airbox cover closed so I could remove that bolt, replaced the mudguard bolts with nylon bolts (or cable ties at the rear) and trimmed the "hook" on the guard so it could pop off when the guard was distorted far enough (usually a bit after the rear bolts/cable-ties failed). Never damaged a Beta guard with these mods despite a good number of crashes onto the rear.

I'm wondering if anyone has modified the "hook" on the TRS guard? How much needs to be removed, and where, to let it release before any damage to guard or airbox is done?
It seems to be extremely secure the way it comes - too secure by the look of it and the reports of broken airboxes.

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2 minutes ago, marky dee said:

I use only a plastic bolt in mudgard..., and i have one in reserve when i go riding...

Is that the front bolt you're talking about?

Do you put anything in the back holes that come with plastic Scrivets?

And is it proven to pop off when crashed?


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Here's what I've ended up doing.
* replaced scrivets with cable ties slipped through a short length of PVC tube. The tube prevents rubbing around the holes.
* cut off most of the "hook" on the guard. I cut all the side hooks off and left just 4mm or so in the middle. I also cut between the back and side sections of the rib to give the remaining hook more flexibility - this was probably not a good idea as it now un-hooks too easily.
* plastic bolt in the front.

I'm pretty happy with this. It has popped off a few times when I've crashed but otherwise nice and secure.

If I was to do it again I'd trim the side hooks right back, leave the centre section about 4mm and the whole rib intact. I'd also put a good bevel on the lip of the airbox and the hook so it's easier to snap the two together after popping the cable ties - currently it's a bit awkward snapping it back in place without removing the front screw. I'll do that on this one when I get to it.
I'd like to have an easier in-field replaceable solution than the front bolt (I've broken it twice) but haven't figured out what that might be. Still, with both cable ties in the back it stays on well enough to continue riding if needed.

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