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Sherco 250 Factory 2019 on - Air filter orientation/install check please?


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I've just popped a new air filter into my Sherco as part of its wash and brush up.  The old one was pretty dreadful.  It's my first time oiling and installing one.

These bikes have a frame to mount the filter on, so I'm fairly confident I've done it correctly, but it's hard to be certain.  Removal was a real pain as it's so small inside the airbox, in my frustration, I didn't note the orientation.

I would like to be sure that I've installed it correctly. It's a Twin Air and there is a single seam at the top on my install (shown in pic).  It's on the frame and clipped in.  Looks OK, but I can't see the underside.

Pic attached.  Does this look right, with the space at the top revealing the allen bolts, seam at the top?

I am not sure the flap and the aluminium are standard, can anyone confirm please?

Just a nervous noob...

Many thanks.



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