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TY 250R Mono silencer advice


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I'm interested in purchasing an aftermarket repackable silencer for my TY mono (DEP, WES or those sold on FEKED). I am located in California so, as such, I'm required to run a spark arrester at any OHV park. I've been going round and round on this, trying to find a solution. I'd love to find a cone screen that will fit any of these and avoid the DIY mess I may make of a new silencer. I was also thinking of sourcing a Cobra Sparky that will fit on the back end of one of these silencers (although a bit clunky looking). I'm concerned that it may not clear the rear  fender as well. Can anyone tell me the dimensions of one of these oval silencers at the back (top to bottom,  side to side) ? Any suggestions you may have would be greatly appreciated. Even better if you happen to have a picture of one of these silencers  installed on your TY mono. Thank you for help in advance.



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Hello Bradcross have you tried Cambs trials as they do a silencer for the Yam. Paul Davies who owns the business also does quite a lot of modifications and fabrications  so may be able to build you the silencer you require.

Hope this helps..

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Hi Slack,

I've spoken to Paul in the past but not on this subject. I've hear others have modified FMF universal spark arrestors to fit various bikes but I'd really like to come up with the correct silencer with a spark arrestor add (as you can't find a combo unit for the TY Mono).

Thank you for your advice

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2 hours ago, mcman56 said:

A  friend runs a Fisch on the standard muffler.  It has the official markings. 


There are also these.


These types come in different sizes.  They have the correct screen size but I don't think they have the official words.  They do pass inspection at the CA off road parks I go to.




Thanks McMan56 for all these details. The Fisch looks like it comes in sizes that will fit both the stock silencer and the aftermarket ones. It should work if the stinger on the silencer does not come out the back of the silencer on an angle (like the WES silencer on my Fantic). The Spanish Fly, the Onan and the one sold at speed and sport are too big and would require a you to fab a large adapter to make it fit the smaller diameter outlet of a vintage silencer. I want to buy a repackable silencer for my TY  Mono so I'd be inclined to get a Fisch spark arrestor to fit that (if it fits).

I received an email from DEP informing me that they would not ship to the US so that one is off the list (unless a UK trials shop sells them).

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Well, the DEP and Feked silencers do not have a stinger coming out the back. They have an "innie" and not and "outie" (belly button reference), so the Fisch spark arrestor won't fit those. The WES silencer has a stinger that angles downward so the Fisch may not fit that one as well. Looks like the stock silencer is the only option for the Fisch. Or I can purchase an FMF universal silencer and have the piping customized by a machinist/fabricator.

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I run an FMF universal muffler on a TY175 and it really quieted the bike down.  On that bike, I was able to just cut off the OEM muffler and clamp the new muffler on.  I used the smaller FMF universal but did need a reducing collar to fit the TY.  I can't picture how thick a the TY mono muffler is but the FMF is a bit wider than modern trials mufflers so you have to make sure you have clearance.  Beta 4t (at least some years) had no external stinger to clamp on so the spainsh fly spark arrestor came with a short piece of tubing you had to weld on the back of the muffler to accept the spark arrestor.       

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