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Getting the year of a TRS from the serial number?


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World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI)
The first 3 characters of a VIN represent the WMI code that uniquely identifies the manufacturer of a motorcycle:

The 1st character shows the country in which the motorcycle was built. Characters in this spot range from numbers to letters, and each country has a unique character representing it.
The 2nd character shows the brand’s name. For example, "Y" stands for "Yamaha," "S" for "Suzuki," "K" or "S" for "Kawasaki."
The 3rd is the manufacturer’s division or motorcycle’s type (ATV, scooter, superbike, dirt bike, etc.).
The WMI section may have a different structure if the motorcycle isn’t mass-produced.

Vehicle Description Section (VDS)
The next 5 characters create the Vehicle Description Section, revealing most details about the motorcycle. The VDS reveals the brand, engine size, type, and frame style. The meaning and placement of characters in this section depend on the manufacturer.

Check digit
The security check digit is necessary to ensure the VIN is legitimate. This digit results from a special mathematical operation that puts all other VIN characters into a formula. The VIN number is incorrect or fake if the result doesn’t match the check digit. VIN decoders perform this operation during a VIN check.

Vehicle Identifier Section (VIS)
The Vehicle Identifier Section consists of the last 8 characters and tells us the model year, assembly plant, and unique serial number of a motorcycle.

When buying a used motorcycle, you can always check the 10th character, which reveals the model year: "1", "2", and other upcoming numbers represent years "2001", "2002", etc. The letter "A" stands for "2010" while "B" is "2011", etc.

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While the information posted above is correct for nearly all motorcycles, I have never had it work for any of the 9 trials bikes bikes I've owned.

The closest it ever came to working was a Honda/Montesa 4RT.

Many years ago, I wrote a computer program to verify a VIN's check digit when I got suspicious about a used dirt bike I was buying. 

Nowadays, I just use an on-line VIN checker: https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder/Decoder

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