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Hi to All,

Here Matteo from Italy! an enthusiast of engines and mechanics.

I'm full rebuilding a 2012 Ossa Explorer 280i! I have always considered it a particular and very interesting tech bike..

I found one at a good price and so I decided to rebuild it!

I found a lot of interesting information in the forum and I hope I can be of help to others like me who are looking for information
I would like to open a rebuild topic to leave a mark on those like me will try to do something like this



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2 hours ago, konrad said:

Hello Matteo, welcome to the forum.  I am happy to see there is still interest in the EFI OSSAs.   I have a website devoted to them here: https://www.ossa-efi.com/home   Maybe you will find some information that is of use?

Best of luck with the rebuild!

Hello Konrad! You won't believe it, but it's thanks to your site that the rebuild project has begun!

The real story is that the bike is owned by my dear friend and I am the rebuilder. 

When he found an Explorer 280 in decent condition, we started looking for information and we found your site, which convinced us in the project. Congratulations you did a beautiful job, really very very useful

I've already tried the bike (I didn't know about the starting problem, lol 10 min of *@#%*), tried the gearbox all gears and it looks ok. the engine seemed a bit flooded, too much smoke, mmm I thought 1% oil mmmm, smell of burnt oil, ok here some crank seals are gone... ok it's going to be fun 😄

I think I'll buy one for myself too if I can find it, it's an interesting bike to keep in the collection


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