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Sherpa T model 92a Gemo tail light add


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I am installing a Gemo light, as original, on a second gen model 92. The Gemo light will have wires coming out under the rear mud guard and routed forward to power.
I can see a wire harness exiting the rear guard just forward of the fender mount screw left side  in a variety of pics of this era. 
My question is what mounts are used to secure the wire harness to the curvature of the mud guard?


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A cable clamp made out of aluminium or stainless steel is used one fastener is mounted to the screw of the rear light, the other with the fastener of the rear fender to the frame.

See here: https://www.esska.de/shop/Befestigungsschelle-NORMA-BSL-einlaschig-Durchmesser-4-bis-24-mm-Breite-10-oder-12-mm-1-oder-2-Leitungen--8578W1111000-4140?adsource=gs&hlid=8578W1111112&gad_source=1&gclid=Cj0KCQiAtOmsBhCnARIsAGPa5yYHfLT_Nwuq_n0Guh1j3Q7FO4E1y5hz5hCKES1n55v-v09Srrvj9hEaAu6wEALw_wcB&hc_fcv=ZZsaaxA1qeZlwqdr~NNgOOv-3KtHhJ-7uzzzzzzzz~NNgOOts3KtHhIE7tzzzzzzzz


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Thank you pschrauber, I understand the clamp at each end of the wires......and the three wires brake, tail, ground most likely in a sheath all together.

What structure of this sheath keeps it tight against the fender curve ........rear tire spin throwing dirt, rocks, water, etc.
Any pictures of this harness run on a Sherpa 49 thru Sherpa 199?



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There was nothing in place apart from the cable sheath to stop the wires being damaged.

A common improvement for reliability was to run the wires along the top side of the mudguard.

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I'm pretty sure there were two 'clips' that held the wiring in place. One was mounted on the taillight and guided the wires to the side and the other one was on the guard mounting bolt. There was also a hole a head of the mounting bolt with a rubber grommet for the wires to exit.

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