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  1. sherpa325

    199b clutch

    Should only be one ball and the fibre clutches as so much better in operation. Not sure what the thickness ends up being as you use less plates in total, but similar to the original. Surflex comes as a kit with new steels and springs
  2. sherpa325

    199b clutch

    There is also a difference between Surflex and Barnett clutch plates. If you are using a standard clutch [all steel plates] it's a very simple design, maybe you have an extra steel plate in there?
  3. Yes, on the inside of the flywheel. Which puller did you end up using?
  4. 33 should be right for a Femsa ignition, not sure what Lobitos had though
  5. sherpa325

    300 carb advice

    I am pretty sure the PHBL was first used in the early 90's when the GasGas went to the case reed motor and they were looking for a smaller [as in physical size] carbie to fit in the reduced space. I think they were used on mopeds as a 22/24mm and were bored out to 26mm for the trials bikes.I have a PHBL and a PHBH and they both have the mixture/air screw in the same position - on the engine side.
  6. Try and get one with a flanged rear rim. The earlier conventional type of rims are prone to leaking air and corrosion which can be an expensive fix
  7. sherpa325

    Dellortto vhst b

    The VHST is a flat slide and not the same as the PHBL, even though they look similar. They were not an easy carb to set up unlike the PHBL series
  8. As has been said before the Bultaco alloy is of good quality and can be welded. If you are going to paint them black then the dressing of the weld is not as important. If you are polishing them, then obviously more effort is required which is half the fun of restoring a classic bike and the end result should put a smile on your face since you have done it yourself.
  9. 85mm is the standard bore size for the 340
  10. They are made of good quality alloy and can be welded by a decent welder. Also if you are going to keep them original as in painted black, as opposed to polished, then you don't need them in as good a condition.
  11. Sometimes if the bike hasn't had a decent amount of high speed or hard throttle use, the exhaust gets deposits of carbon which tend to smoke as the bike heats up, particularly if it's been run on a high oil/fuel mix.
  12. I had the same problem with mine. I found out that the fuel I had been using had ethanol in it and after changing to a non ethanol fuel, the tank over a period of time returned to its original size. Sounds crazy but it's true.[10% ethanol]
  13. Was it running OK before you changed the ignition or did it happen after you changed to the Dellorto
  14. The issue is that the spindle is basically corroded to the inner sleeve and any grease that is applied only goes between the inner and outer sleeve [the part that actually moves] and won't get to the spindle. In the past I have drilled one stubborn one out by using increasingly larger drills, starting off with say a 5mm and increasing by a couple of mm each go. Most spindles already have the centre pre drilled and you only have to go in about 15mm deep to clear the frame on each side. This method at least gets the swinging arm out of the frame without damaging the frame or the swinging arm and gives you access to the swinging arm to have a more determined go on your bench.
  15. I normally use a plastic cup and add a dye/pigment so its easier to see where you have covered
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