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  1. Thanks, I assume you have now seen it!
  2. I was pretty sure Trial 2 was changed to 300cc 2T
  3. Google the site 'In Motion' they sell all sorts of parts for Bultacos including electronic ignitions that use the original flywheel. They are very professional and easy to deal with. Cheers Greg
  4. I would check the wheel spacer as these are not standard and were used to replace the speedo. Mine are 33mm but I have seen quite a few variations, smaller and bigger, and yours does look a little small to me, but difficult to tell. Any reasonable fabrication shop should be able to straighten it, after all its just steel, which can be heated straightened, welded all quite easily. They did bend back in the day and we used to straighten them in the bike. Cheers Greg
  5. Gasgas should make Cabestany an offer and get him out of retirement!
  6. sherpa325

    Won't rev?

    Exhaust pipe has water in it maybe!
  7. The M80 wouldn't look too bad with the later 'boomerang' or 'clubfoot' - which both perform better than the original triangular one. I don't recall anyone using the original back in the day or even now but that is not to say it couldn't be modified to give a nice note and decent performance, however the volume looks to be way smaller than the current setups and it is impossible to make it bigger. I guess you could try opening up all the baffles as well as using larger diameter inlet and exit tubes as has been suggested.
  8. I would suggest you try and find a complete later model bike as it is getting more difficult to find missing parts these days and the cost of these parts has increased accordingly. Any of the bikes you have chosen will do the job even though they are all different to ride with each having their own personalities. I would personally choose a Bultaco because they have the best parts availability and they are relatively bullet proof and easy to work on. I quite like Montesas but they have some issues when you come to work on the engine, I have only ridden a couple of Ossas back in the day but they also felt fine and regarding the Yamaha, they sold heaps around the world and they were very competitive and reliable with good brakes. I would also recommend you think seriously before modifying any of these bikes as they were all developed by riders who were competing in the World Championship at the time and in particular the Spanish bikes were very close to what the factory riders rode the year before. Enjoy restoring the bike, make sure you put a good set of shocks on the back and a good set of tires as well as a set of late model wide footpegs and enjoy the experience
  9. I personally believe that the world championship riders need to form a 'Riders Association' so that they have some say in the direction the sport is going. The non stop doesn't work and was never popular among the riders and yet we still have it. The riders need to band together in a united front and put their views/demands to the FIM. If it is true Michaud makes up the rules on his own that is a ridiculous situation and needs to change. By the way if they do have an association they need to become a bit more vocal.All other professional sports have this in place to provide better/safer conditions, Moto GP, Formula 1, Tennis, Golf, etc, etc.
  10. The points have to be set with the flywheel on and are set through the right hand slot. As you rotate the flywheel counterclockwise the points will open when the second slot [right hand] passes over centre and exposes the points, it will be directly above the left hand slot.Remember even new points need a clean piece of paper pulled through them to remove any grease or residue.You should still get spark even if the timing is out provided the ignition system is all good. If you set the ignition backing plate in the centre of the three mounting slots and set the points as above you wont be too far out. Cheers Greg
  11. Bultaco points ignitions are quite reliable and easy to work on. The black wire goes to the coil and kill switch and the green is earthed as it appears on your bike, however the coil doesn't look like a Bultaco one but I could be wrong.You will need a flywheel puller to replace/clean the points and as has been suggested definitely replace the condenser. As you only have two wires coming from the flywheel it would appear the other ones have cut off or terminated in the flywheel area, so that would need to be checked also. First thing to do is remove the kill switch wire and clean the points, making sure they are opening and closing and go from there - make sure to run some clean paper through the points after you clean them to remove are residual dirt/grease. Cheers Greg
  12. Resin and glass mat are relatively cheap and I assume you are retired so you have the time to do a thorough repair job. Just remember not to use any fuel with ethanol in it.
  13. Pretty sure the !59 came with 5 1/2 chrome bars. The 199 came with black steel bars without a brace and the 199A came with black steel bars with a brace
  14. A friend dropped his bike with a missing steering stop. He damaged the outside of the tank where the tripple clamp hit it but worse still he holed the inside of the tank where it was forced onto the coil.
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