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  1. As has been said you definitely need the woodruff key to locate the flywheel correctly, maybe you have installed the backing plate incorrectly , ie out by one or two screws or 120 degrees. It can be mounted in three different positions and from memory the wires exit on the left hand side and the 'coil' is vertical on the left hand side. Please correct me if I am wrong but that's how I remember it. Cheers Greg
  2. Just a thought,check the ignition cover and make sure the operating arm that has the spline on it is installed correctly , it is possible to let the arm, in the case, rotate around so that it doesn't push the clutch rod in. I fixed a friends bike the other day where this had happened, he had taken the horizontal lever arm off in order to put a longer one on, to get a lighter action, and the vertical operating arm in the case had rotated out of position.
  3. sherpa325

    Sherpa Brakes

    They used to be advertised as the lightest production wheel in the world
  4. All Sherpa T 250 325 340 models have 60mm strokes
  5. I think you are worrying about nothing here as every year the bikes were better, with a wider spread of more usable power. I wouldn't read too much into the graphs published in the manuals as for example the M92 325 and the M125 325 have the same graphs published in their respective manuals but the M125 has a larger 27mm carb in place of the M92 25mm and is a much better motor. In 1975 the 250 was reduced in size to 238cc to allow for cheaper registration in Europe and I wouldn't be surprised if the factory downgraded the power output 'on paper' to assist in this cheaper registration process, just a thought anyway! Cheers Greg
  6. There are two types of that style of airbox. The 325/350 version is the better in my opinion as the side panels are slightly concave, bent inwards, and less likely to be damaged by your boots rubbing on them. The 250 version has slightly convex side panels and is more prone to wear from your boots. It's very difficult to pick up which is which when looking at photos but all the smaller capacity bikes I have seen in the flesh have the 250 style airbox, whereas the 'inmotion' one appears to be the more desirable 325 style. Cheers Greg
  7. This can occur on GasGas bikes as well and if it can't be cured by winding the air screw in a little, people generally go to a one size bigger pilot jet or a no3 slide or lift the needle. All have a slightly different effect and it seems to be a bit of trial and error as to what works for you. Also its important to do this after the bike has been decoked as carbon deposits on the head and piston can cause an increase in compression and add to the problem
  8. sherpa325


    No, Sherpas only came with one plug hole standard. The only ones I saw that had an additional hole were for a de compressor, which supposedly made the bike easier to start and were used going downhill, to stop stalling,and were owner fitted not standard. I have never heard of using a plug to start and then another one for running and I can't imagine a second plug that is not being used is going to fire when the working plug gives in. The non working plug would be covered in all the combustion by products that are in the combustion chamber and it would be doubtful that it would be in working order. Cheers Greg
  9. Thanks, I assume you have now seen it!
  10. I was pretty sure Trial 2 was changed to 300cc 2T
  11. Google the site 'In Motion' they sell all sorts of parts for Bultacos including electronic ignitions that use the original flywheel. They are very professional and easy to deal with. Cheers Greg
  12. I would check the wheel spacer as these are not standard and were used to replace the speedo. Mine are 33mm but I have seen quite a few variations, smaller and bigger, and yours does look a little small to me, but difficult to tell. Any reasonable fabrication shop should be able to straighten it, after all its just steel, which can be heated straightened, welded all quite easily. They did bend back in the day and we used to straighten them in the bike. Cheers Greg
  13. Gasgas should make Cabestany an offer and get him out of retirement!
  14. sherpa325

    Won't rev?

    Exhaust pipe has water in it maybe!
  15. The M80 wouldn't look too bad with the later 'boomerang' or 'clubfoot' - which both perform better than the original triangular one. I don't recall anyone using the original back in the day or even now but that is not to say it couldn't be modified to give a nice note and decent performance, however the volume looks to be way smaller than the current setups and it is impossible to make it bigger. I guess you could try opening up all the baffles as well as using larger diameter inlet and exit tubes as has been suggested.
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