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Suzuki Beamish - fixing up


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A friend has offered to show me his RL325 that's been sat some time.


It was working when parked. Now apparently the gears won't select. He says it kicks over fine, but is stuck in neutral.


Could it be anything more sinister than just sticky gummed up gears from years of sitting?


Any other things to consider when looking at it? I see the chap from the owners club is a member on here.

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1 hour ago, suzuki250 said:

Check for cracks in the headstock gusset plates, it was common on the early ones.

Thanks for that!


I went to view the bike a few days ago and it's exactly as the friendly acquaintance described - starts and runs fine but seems stuck in neutral. It's been sitting maybe 5 years mind.


Cracks in gusset plates had indeed happened during its life. Both sides had a very tidy welding job along where I'd seen cracks on others online.

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On 1/20/2024 at 11:12 AM, suzuki250 said:

Did you get the Suzuki?


Not yet. Still trying to weigh up that it's not going to be a money pit.


Someone on the user group on FB cracked a head somehow??


Hoping that this kind of bike's engine is bulletproof enough that wouldn't happen to me. Also trying to calculate just how much I'll be sinking into it to get it running and riding well.



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