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Montesa cota


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Unfortunately prefix 51 covers the 348 and entire 349 model range so without knowing which number range was used for which model you can't tell what it is from the number

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51M5994 is a 348 Cota, probably a late 1977 or early 1978 model. Here is a chart of 348 Cota improvements from the start of production in 1976 through 1978.


First mass produced 348 Cota





Change in filter housing is added deflator antiwater screen.




Step is added chain guard on engine crankcase forwarding. Change speedometer.




Change elements of the carburetor.




New front fender.




The 3rd speed gear on the secondary axis from 15 to 16 teeth to shorten development.




Amending the bottom flange of the triple tree to open a passage for the cables.




Improved gearshift by ensuring the pinion is free and moveable.




Chain guide fixing hole diameter reduced. Spacers fixed to prevent wear.




New Telasco “Hydrobag” rear shocks. Improved front suspension with gas. Improved spring tube protectors. New brake and clutch levers. Eccentric chain tensioning step further reduced.




New rubber grips on handlebars.




New black and gold tank decals. New fixing system and roller rocker gear which ensures the positioning of the new shifter and rear brake rigid optic headlight. New flywheel. New front suspension with air pressure suspension arm protector




Rear shock suspension modified.

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