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Montesa 311 1993 overhaul


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I found this bike 2 years ago.

I like big alloy frame bikes and the 311 is an interesting model.

Not a design masterpiece , not fashion bike, but cool.


The bike is in good condition.

Let start by the wheels.

Cleaning everything, paint job, new bearings (I love working on wheels)







I have a brand new platics set.

The engine need paint job (main bearings, seals, maybe piston will be replaced)

Marzocchi shock need full service.

Every rubber parts will be replaced as usual on +20yo bikes ... (carburator, fork, hose, seals, grips, tyres... )

Calipers and master cylinder will be restored.

I hope you enjoy


Alain from France.



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I replace all synthetic parts wherever possible on all motorcycles I restore.
I couldn't find an intake pipe.
It's done.
The same goes for the clutch cable and the exhaust pot heat shield.
Ideally, I would find a silencer.
Otherwise, I will do the repairs on mine.


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Posted (edited)
I found a new cylinder - piston assembly. (but without the rings)
Although I haven't opened the engine yet, I jumped at this chance.
These original parts are difficult to find.
I found the upper ring at one dealer and the lower ring at another.
It gives you an idea of the puzzle of restoring these motorcycle.
I will sell my complete (old but good) top engine.
It will make someone happy.
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Posted (edited)
I made a pair of intake & exhaust caps. (I don't regret buying a lathe)
Washing in an auto center.
I insisted on the painting which was going away. (I'm going to repaint all that)
Back home, drying.
Disassembly with no other surprise than 2 cylinder studs in love with their nuts.
The cranckshaft is beautiful. No rust from what I saw.
The connecting rod looks good.
The ignition housing is well ventilated. No rust at all. Just dust.






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I'm waiting a new conrod to finish the engine.

All new bearings, seals, original piston Gilardoni, original new cylinder, new rings, new clutch ... all new engine ! 🥰

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Piston, rings, cylinder, clutch, selector, clutch arm, carburetor gaskets, spark plug, intake pipe, valve box, cylinder head, air box rubber, rear frame: new original!
Used air box in good condition.
I ordered clutch and throttle cables.
It feels good to be moving forward, but I still have work to do.
It took me quite a while to gather the parts for this machine.
When I compare it to the TYZ, there is a world between the two.
The Yamaha was much more modern in design and manufacturing.
This 311 was really the “before” Honda engine.









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