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1995 Beta Techno USD fork question


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Hi! First, sorry my bad English,

I recently got a 1995 beta techno that came with a Paioli USD fork. When I was cleaning it, I noticed that it had some electrical tape between this metal part where the dust seal is mounted an the fork legs. When I removed it I noticed that this metal parts can spin and my question is if this is normal on this kind of forks. I'm attaching a picture I found online so it's easier to understand.

I still haven't used the bike as I'm still repairing it but I guess the previous owner put that tape because it was losing oil from that joint?

Thank you!


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Those parts do spin, but usually not easily. I believe these are the same forks as were on the Beta Zero / Gara from 1991 to 1993. I am pretty sure they were also on some GasGas bikes in 1993.

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Thank you reggie!

I own a 1991 Zero and it has a similar USD fork but without the spinning part. I checked on 1993 Zero and yes it seems to be the same fork. I've been moving the bike around and yeah it seems to have some small play in that part, it seems wet also and spins quite easily, so I guess I'll just disassemble the fork. I've been trying to find some instructions or some kind of exploded view of the fork for understanding how this spinning part works but not luck.

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