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Beta Synt project bike.


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Picked up an almost complete Beta Synt today, given away as owner has no time to fix. Brakes and frame all good, wheels and tank fine, cables and exhaust fine, rear suspension seized up and having trouble getting the pivot bolt out to remove the engine. Impeller problem with water in crankcase and front of impeller housing missing. 😬

I'm going to pull the engine and split it to have a look and see what can be done, the bike owes me nothing and happy to have tinker. So how bad is the corroded casings? Are any parts available or will it have to be a jb weld kind of bodge to get it running? Is there a work around fix? Bike looks too much fun to bin, it started 3rd kick after sitting for 3 years. Can an external impeller be fitted?

And the swingarm spindle has a nut and washer that has come undone but does the spindle need to be unscrewed from the frame or should it just drift out with the nut off?



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5 hours ago, lineaway said:

Drift out with the nut off. Parts will be hard. I fixed a 92 with jb weld and it lasted for years. Have fun.

Great thanks, do you know if there are any rubber parts in the swingarm? Like oil seals or plastic roller cages? Think it might need some heat to free it off.

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So managed to get the spindle out, took a few hours! Engine apart next.

What is the story with the upside down forks? Are they meant to feel different to each other?

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