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20 years from now there might be some sections at 'Morar'

could have been last year - we had a route planned which involved refuelling the bikes 15 miles away from the nearest road at the East end of loch Morar - the fuel was going to be taken out by boat - we had boats lined up and everything!! - however a few hundred yards of land ownership put a lid on all the work! - win-some loose-some :)

the problems of small tanks really curtails the possibilities of routes nowdays :blush: and still they get smaller :D:D

if we tested regulation 6.3 it would be interesting :P

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if we tested regulation 6.3 it would be interesting

35 Miles :D

Wonder what is the longest stretch mileage wise between petrol checks. Saturday from Pipeline to Tramway the bikes are on fumes, but is this the longest OTH?

Rule 6.4 is interesting aswell :):blush:

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As you know Gizza - its the way you ride em - pull high gears and watch where you go - it does mean the difference between running out or not.

you're right -longest is probably the saturday from the dam to the bothy at the end of the path after bradilieg. but if you remember they used to go from Kinlochleven to Fort William in the good old days - i remember being concerned that the plastic tanks on TY yams would not be big enough and fitting a steel one - that was when you got fuel two or three times for the whole day.

I see Gas Gas are producing a big tank now :blush: .

ps if anyone wants a two gallon alloy tank for a TY250 I have one in the garage - i used it one year but got fed up carrying around enough fuel for the entire day!!! - going cheap :)

handy if you plan to ride an old TY in the Paris-Dakar :D

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