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  1. Yes stevie but i've been riding scottish trials every year for 35 years so my total is still pretty high.
  2. If the money was put back into develpment and promotion it would. I'm not saying that the SACU of old would be able to deliver that, but if they change into a body that truly fosters and encourages motorcycle sport they could. But if they dont get the chance we will never know.
  3. Does anyone know if there is a scottish dirt bike show on Dec 1/2nd. Someone said it was to be at lanark market but nowt on the web about it and no advertising! If it is on, the organisers need a lesson in PR.
  4. 5 pages of posts! Just shows you the reaction you get when you try to get a couple of quid off a trials rider So we think 'no change' is a result? No wonder trials in scotland is in the state it is.
  5. Steam, you should try riding the Scott. The last thing you care about is getting the wrong score in a section. The organising is Unbelievable, about 80 sections, each with at least two observers, and 80 miles of flagging, all off road. The best one day trial in the world.
  6. Trials is the cheapest form of motorsport in the country, where else can you compete on your bike/car/quad all day for a few quid? An entry fee may go up 4 or 5 quid but its still the best value motorsport you can buy.
  7. stevie well done. really fancy joining you but don't think i could keep up with your 18mph average. - going for 'the tour' next year?? how about doing all six days routes? with some modifications to miss the open moors you could have some cracking rides. got me thinking now...............
  8. when the 'old folks' are at Wrightys talk remember to come along to this - it'll be a great night. http://www.ssdt.org/...big-tent-events and for the rest of the week check out this http://www.ssdt.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=259:events-in-the-tent&catid=1:news&Itemid=14
  9. Brilliant photo number 6 - sums up the day - Adrian Moss flat out on the big triumph with two passengers hanging on for dear life photos
  10. Just want to say a huge thank you for a great weekend - three of us travelled down from Scotland and were made so welcome by everyone. So many good bits (particularly the hilltop tracks looking down over the Cotswolds; chugging through ancient villages; getting up a long muddy track sideways flat out in 2nd while Davy and Ian fell of their bikes laughing; and nearly making it up Camp engulfed in a trail of Castrol R smoke); - the only frustration for me was having a pocketful of duff spark plugs to keep the old bike going - (note to myself don't buy Champion plugs again) - thank you to all who stopped and helped me get going. Not only a superb motorcycle event but topped off by a great social night with some of the best live jazz music i've heard - we had a ball. (and in true Scottish tradition were the last standing at the bar on Sat night) The Club put on a fantastic event and if you weren't there you missed yourself. - be sure to catch it in 2111. Our weekend was topped off with 3 hours 'lost' in the National Motorcycle museum on the way home. A weekend to remember. thanks guys Mark (the guy kicking the1935 Rudge)
  11. And the shuttle bus is FREE
  12. Gordon Jackson is not only going to the SSDT but he is going to RIDE in the event! Yes he is planning to ride the very bike he won on in '61with his famous one dab ride. :- in Sundays parade. More special guests and bikes will be joining him along with the 275 lucky competitors. More details will be announced soon. YOU NEED TO BE THERE.
  13. If the carb is the best part of 40 years old the best thing you can do is replace it with a new one - the bores and slides wear, the needle and needle jet wear - you can get a new concentric for about
  14. Interesting result with a three way tie for o'40 winner all on clean lets hope Gav and his fellow over 40's continue riding these events - it might mean the sections will have to be 'adjusted' accordingly - i might ride some
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