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  1. I've observed at plenty of trials and would have given you a 5.I've rode plenty with no observers and would have given myself a 5. You chose to ride that section on the A route. But,hey it was a fun event and it doesn't matter right? Your new to this and will learn the rules.
  2. John,are the threads stripped all the way into the sump of the Bult? I know some drain plugs are quite short.If there is threads further into the case try a Volkswagen car sump plug.They are a lot longer and even have a built on washer.19mm head as well.I have one on my 190,found this out by accident as I had a spare one at the garage I work at. There is plenty of room inside the gearbox for the longer plug.Worth a try. Davie.
  3. I use a large,wide cable tie as a ring clamp,lower the barrel onto the piston carefully then once the piston is in cut the tie away before lowering the barrel onto the base gasket.
  4. I wondered if we would get some comments on the 3 way tie on clean.I personally do not want to see sections adjusted accordingly as you put it. To try to take some marks off these guys would make the trial a nightmare futher down the order,specially for the youth B and Twinshock/pre-65 who ride the same route.
  5. Just got mine by e-mail.Not going this year though,going down the sunday after to race my Stormer in the scramble. The funds do not stretch to 2 weekends I'm afraid. Great trial though.
  6. A healthy 72 of an entry,if everyone turns up. Forecast is good,looking forward to it. See you all there.
  7. Weather forecast looks good.Fingers crossed. Entry at a quite healthy 55 so far. I'll still take entries until friday night,give me a call.
  8. Only 14 entries in so far.Is everyone waiting until the last minute? I hope so,though this gives me a lot of work a couple of nights before the trial.
  9. The Scottish Classic racing M/C will be running a trial this saturday afternoon as part of our annual Dunoon weekend. Nothing too serious,just a fun day out.Start approx 1pm or so.Pay on the day.A and B routes. Start is at the scrambles track at Ardentinney near Dunoon.For details go to Scottish Scrambles website. Here http://www.classicscramble.com/scrmc2010/dunoon.html
  10. I've recently done both of them on my 190. Makes the bike so much smoother and quieter. If you've done the middle one the rear is just as easy to do.
  11. This year the SCRMC is running a round of the SACU support championship(Youth,pre-65/twinshock and Over 40) at Cold Chapel farm,Abington on sunday 20th June. We usually run this trial at Balfron but feel this venue suits it better,more parking and a longer lap with a variety of sections. I have sent regs out to a lot of last years entries from Balfron and Abington but if I have missed you out the forms can be downloaded from Trials Central or mail me and I will send you a form. We are also having a club trial on saturday afternoon,enter on the day,with a smaller lap and different sections fron sunday. Camping is available at the venue but no food or water,bring your own.The Abington services is only 5 minutes away. Get you entries in now,its going to be a good weekend.Anyone who has ridden here knows it is a great venue.
  12. I have a Sherpa 190 and it has a head steady fitted.It is a heavy duty pressed steel item.I will try and get a photo on here for you.
  13. I've only ridden motocross track,haven't seen where the sections will be so new to me too.
  14. Hi Ross,I think this must be the problem.Tried blowing through with a bit of tube then shutting off with the floats.Seems to take a bit of pressure before the valve shuts off. The floats must not be shutting the fuel off.I don't have another needle valve to try,I have amals on my other bikes. You coming tomorrow?
  15. I have been doing some jobs on a friends 199a and have taken the Bing carb off to clean it out.Blew it out with an airline and put it back on the bike.Now the bike runs very poorly as if it is getting too much fuel and flooding,though there is no petrol coming out anywhere.The bike runs as if the choke is on and when you put the choke on it is worse.I have messed about with the float height but seems to make no difference.I know the bike runs fine otherwise as I have put the Amal carb from my own 190 onto it and it runs fine with it on.I have had the Bing on and off numerous times,checked the choke is not stuck on,blown jets out etc but to no avail. The bike was running ok before I cleaned out the carb so it is something I have done,I cannot see anything missing,it is pretty basic anyway. Anyone any ideas?
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