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  1. No one bought a 280 yet then ?
  2. I understand that a lot of clubs need this 'help' setting out the course for the trial. But riding the sections is clearly gaining an unfair advantage and becomes second nature and they hardly have to walk it as you say. Surely this should be classed as 'cheating' ??
  3. Thanks guys, i agree with everything you are saying here Bigfoot and if i had known at the time that i would have 5'd every section for doing both routes then i wouldn't have bothered handing a card in. As for joining an ACU club that is already in motion for myself and 2 other guys that i ride with. I appreciate almost everyones comments and suggestions !!!!!!
  4. You have a PM ........ although how you know i'm a trials riding fisherman is beyond me !!
  5. Is there more than one route down south ?? 2010 GasGas txt 280. Seems cheap and low use, and it is south of the border. Seller says he's giving up trials but he's only just bought it. Never bought a bike before that's not been road registered and easily checked !!
  6. I'm thinking about buying a 2010 280 txt pro, although it has had very little use, is there any known faults with the 280 pro and if so what are the most common things to look for on them. I have a 2008 scorpa 250 just now and had a 315r for a short time before that. Will there be a big difference going from the Scorpa to the gasgas ?????
  7. If i was to travel down south for a nearly new trials bike that is not road registered, is there any way of checking if it's stolen on-line or would you have to take the frame/engine number and contact the police to see if it had been reported as stolen before i part with some hard earned. Normally i have a bike courier i use to pick bikes up and deliver them but they are road registered and are easy to do HPI check on etc. Cheers
  8. monkeyboy

    Casual Wear

    Trialsuk.co.uk good quality gear
  9. Excellent photographs, amazes me to see some of the riders at those angles in the air !!!!
  10. I bought one of these from trials uk and some new riding gear. Hoody's a bit pricey but good quality and they have a good range of other clothing on sale.
  11. monkeyboy

    Bar Risers...

    Have you tried the risers yet jes ?? I've ordered a set but was wondering if you have noticed much difference ?
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