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  1. Last bike was an 09 290 Evo. Took a 2year break from trials and thinking of getting back into it. I was thinking about the 280 GG 2011 Is it any good, or should I stick with a new evo? Will need to sell my KTM 250f first, what a descision to make....
  2. Had a walk around this morning at Stroud Valleys' Bill Peters Trial held at Breakheart Quarry, Dursley. http://picasaweb.google.com/scottanderson6...etersTrialSVMC#
  3. Personally never had any issues with mine, but the above quoted chap seems to know all about it, maybe he can offer more detail?
  4. Great thanks for the information. I pick up the bike on Saturday, so I will let you know how it goes. My friend has the 2T and I decided on the 4T
  5. Thank you for pointing this out. At least we can be rest assured that there will always be manufactures problems highlighted and experienced first hand on such a good trials forum....
  6. This is what makes me laugh, we all talk about bikes and their failures like we are World class or British Championship riders. The average clubman will probably never experience any of the quoted problems. I think we all like to think we are Champion riders, but in reality this is only an internet forum, so I suppose anything goes.....
  7. I heard the Fosse way is a good ride, any others?
  8. Thanks. I purchased an 09 from AMS. I think I did alright. Happy days
  9. Just like a local trial then..
  10. Yeah, but I couldn't think of anything worse than your girlfriend dragging you out to go out on the bikes, then making you look crap!!
  11. Had one since January, never had any problems. Also must say that the importer is very good. Nothing wrong with the evo.
  12. As the tittle suggests, Is it easy to go green lane riding in the South West region? Thanks. S.
  13. Can anybody help me? Who is the best dealer to contact to get the best deal on a new KTM 250 EXC? Anything I should know about this model in advance? Thanks.
  14. Well done Alexz! Here are some pictures from the trial and some great ones of Alexz. Use the slide show feature, it has a black background, it helps with the darker pictures. http://picasaweb.google.com/scottanderson6...nthonyRewTrial# Cheers.
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