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Ssdt Cancelled


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It has ben reported that at 00:01Hrs the SSDT has been cancelled this year due to the following circumstances:

Due to the heavy rain and snow all the rocks in the sections have been washed away, example Leanachen is now like a MAIN ROAD and does not pose a challenge :D

Octagon were going to run the time schedules for the week, it was reported that the days have been altered significently, but that could all change :o

The Town Council have decided to put a total ban on ALCOHOL the first week in May statement reads ''In support of alcohol abuse and the fact we feel you will ride better if you get an early night, no alcohol can be bought or consumed during this week''

The Committee's reply was that most riders tackle the sections better when they are Pi**ed :thumbup::(

....and finally due to the lack of couse markers this year, KINELL has offered his services to carry a few 'Orange Flags'

So due to the above circumstances, the committee could have maybe lived with the first 3, but the 4th nailed the lid on the coffin and have no option, but to cancel :D:D

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