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Tlr 250 Rg Mono

andy m

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:thumbup: Given the value/ prices TLR 250 twinshocks have been achieving recently I was wondering what the rare mono RG model would be worth. The white one with blue and red stripe. Completeley different bike and quite rare. I have been offered one that requires a couple of small jobs sorting. Possibly more of a trail bike maybe. Any ideas, or any users trialing one on here. Thanks. ;)
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I had loads of problems with parts until I contacted D. Silver. You need to quote the frame number and they very quickly identify parts, availability and prices. I have found them to be brilliant. You are dead right about Japan only bikes in my experience. Most dealers even big ones just brush you off.

I have replaced quite a few parts including clutch plates, springs , small parts in the carb. etc and have had no problems up to now.

There is broken one in Ellastone Breakers as well if you need second hand parts.

They are a very practical proposition to live with. Depends what you want and like really. :thumbup:

We have got a litte (micro)"owners club" going . see John.Rushworth alias Panomphaean on this site.

Good Luck

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