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  1. sy250

    4rt Restrictors

    Hi, Please could somebody confirm for me where the restrictors are and also if anybody has had any difficulty removing the spark arrestor as I have taken the two allen bolts out but it doesn't seem to want to come out, and also if it made any difference. The bike is an 06 4rt. Thanks in advance
  2. Have a good look at your needle and needle jet and if in doubt replace them both. This has sorted out similar problems for me on more than one occasion. I think they wear over many years and I don't think they want a lot of wear to cause a problem. They are probably getting dirty as well if the filter hasn't been kept 100% and this would increase the rate of wear,Good luck
  3. I have a TLR 200 with all the lights etc on. Does anyone know the method please for removing ignition etc and wiring in a kill switch ? Thanks very much for any advice which would be very gratefully recieved
  4. I also have a 240 pro and aren't to sure on the carburetion, it seems to pink when revved. Can somebody just confirm that the carb is a dellorto PHBL 25 and does anybody have the standard carb settings. Any help much appreciated.
  5. sy250

    Manx 2 Day

    I like the sound of that one? Maximum sleeping time
  6. sy250

    Manx 2 Day

    Riding the Manx this year and thinking of camping. Wondering if anybody could recommend a place who has ridden the event before. Many thanks
  7. sy250


    Thinking of buying a van soon. Considering the berlingo or new shaped Combi.(something small) Can somebody tell me if you can fit a bike in and riding gear or are they too small. Many thanks in advance
  8. sy250

    Tlr 200 Gearing

    Could anyone help me please ? Have recently bought a TLR 200, probably 1984, just in from Japan, roadgoing gear all in place. I want to gear it down for club trial type use and am wondering if anyone could advise the front/rear sprocket sizes which would be suitable for that use. If you know the chain type which would match that would be extremely helpul. Happy New Year to everyone on Trials Central and thanks again for any help and advice.
  9. Hi there, I am trying to refit the water pump and you have to line up the two pins with the two slots. I have been trying unsuccessfully for the last 2 hours now. As anybody got any tips or advice please. Many thanks Also bike is 2005 250 Pro
  10. Do we have an ex Royal Engineers mine clearing expert to plot and mark path(s) between the cow s**t in the camping field please ? When it's pitch black at midnight and you've had a "couple" it's a bit of a tight rope walk to the portaloo and back- even with your miner's helmet on. By the time you've got snoring to the equivalent sound of four Repsol 4RTs on full throttle from all the surrounding tents and the smell of all the disturbed s**t you ain't gomnnna be fit to see much trialling at 8 o'clock next morning.
  11. I had loads of problems with parts until I contacted D. Silver. You need to quote the frame number and they very quickly identify parts, availability and prices. I have found them to be brilliant. You are dead right about Japan only bikes in my experience. Most dealers even big ones just brush you off. I have replaced quite a few parts including clutch plates, springs , small parts in the carb. etc and have had no problems up to now. There is broken one in Ellastone Breakers as well if you need second hand parts. They are a very practical proposition to live with. Depends what you want and like really. We have got a litte (micro)"owners club" going . see John.Rushworth alias Panomphaean on this site. Good Luck
  12. These bikes seem to fetch from
  13. Cheers. See you there. Are you riding Macc the day before or will you be pegging it out. It was a great trial yesterday.
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