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  1. I have been running an E3 now in my evo for all this last season and its been a fantastic plug in my experience. I really like the way it runs in the bike and seems to make it just a bit crisper when on the throttle. The previous plug i pulled out was an incorrect plug in the first place from NGK. I think it was labeled a BP6ES which is not the correct heat range. This was more of a curiosity question than anything to see if anyone one else has played around with different plugs for a performance reason.
  2. Hello every one. I have 2 questions im looking to pick everyones brains about. Number 1: Does anyone play around with different brands of spark plugs. Im not talking about using iridium style plugs either. For instance the factory recommended plug for the 09 beta evo is an NGK BR7ES. Has anyone tried an E3, AcDelco, ECT. of same temp? Number 2: Can a spark plug cause a sound similar to a piston knock?
  3. As a matter of fact im working on a gps logging tool that will record loops and mark exact locations of sections with an arduino controller. Once the data is recorded i can upload the info to google earth and print out maps. Could be useful for both sections and maps to events! If all goes well ill have my first prototype finished this winter and have it ready for this comming year!
  4. You and me both Brother!!
  5. Here are some pics from my last practice out on the Beta. Enjoy!!
  6. You sir I salute you!!! Finally some one gets it!! The sport doesn't need to change what so ever. The approach to expanding and bringing in the auidence is what needs to be looked at. As far as im concerned the bikes need and will keep improving there will be riders willing to step up and ride the insane levels and everyone else will fall into there own category. Trials has a place for everyone it just needs to be shown off better.
  7. Just because a section is set above where your comfort level is doesn't mean you have to ride it. At least here in Colorado all of the sections we set are ride able for every member in the class with some challenge as there are some riders who have more ability than others. So either take your 5 move on to the next section or get your butt off the coach and get out there and practice till your hands fall off the bars. Now if the vintage trials is more your thing then by all means go for it there is no one requiring you to ride any single line or class. I ride the advanced line here in Colorado with a 1994 Beta Techno at 175 lbs. It currently is the oldest bike in that class and i can out ride most of the other riders in the class but for one reason i go out and practice with my heavy paper weight to make myself better. Eventually im going to buy a new bike no matter what the cost because im going to be buying a well built technology pushing machine and its going to be worth every bit of 8k to go out and beat the crap out of it because that's my enjoyment. Getting out with great friends riding in beautiful locations and enjoying the sport for what it is.
  8. I work as a machinist in the manufacturing industry. Alloy materials are being used for the beneficial characteristics they have thus why bikes keep getting lighter stronger and more powerful. Alloy materials are not that much more expensive than the others. Yeah making a solid chain sprocket increases production but it will not drop cost. The cost you save by a making that part faster your going to pay for in a heavier bike with shipping cost. Oh and not to mention the larger quantity of materials that the manufacturers have to order to keep machines running and keep guys like me with a job. Hmm there goes your price up yet again so now your making a bike even more expensive. Everything your talking about basically sends the modern trials bike back to the stone age. Cable brakes really? Its about pushing limits with what modern technologies can bring not throwing them away and using sticks and stones. GET REAL!! If you dont like the price dont buy a new bike every year.
  9. I got a 94 techno and i can ride for the most part just like that. I need to get some new footage and get it up for all you to nit pick over!
  10. Hey there guys im asking this question for a buddie of mine. My friend has a 91 Montesa 311 and the front end is a little on the stiff side. I helped him adjust the dampening (i believe is the right fork) and it helped but the suspension is still a little on the stiffer side than it should be. How do you adjust the rebound or the left for on this bike. Thanks!
  11. The best thing i have discovered when it comes to balancing is to just get out and practice. When i cant get out and practice outside especially in the winter ill practice balancing in my garage. just by practicing balance for a hour a night or so it starts to get easier. When i got my girlfriend into trial i started teaching her how to balance off the start and it helped get her used to the bike and get a feel for how the bike can move very easily with very little movement.
  12. Ok so A buddie of mine bought his first trials bike about a week ago and there is nothing wrong with it im just looking for the right direction to point him in. He bought a 91 Montesa 311 and it is in pretty good shape however I know just like we all know something at some point is going to break or need replaced ect. ect. Anyway what im interested in trying to find out is where he can get parts or at least where i can help point him in the right direction for parts here in the states. I dont know of any one other than ebay and there is not alot on there. Any help or suggestions are appreiciated Thanks!
  13. Ok here is the story I was out riding yesterday praticing some advanced lined at a local motorsports park and i was getting ready to ride another section. I down shifted all the way to first and what happened was the gear lever rotated all the way to the ground leaving the bike stuck in first gear. I checked to see if i just stripped the splines but there intact. The lever rotates about 90 degrees free before it even tries to move gears. I understand how this transmissions work in theory however i dont really know what im really looking for as far as what everything should be doing in order to determine what went wrong. Ill get some photos up soon so you guys can see whats going on. Ive looked at the parts diagram for this bike and its not helping. Any info is helpful thanks guys.
  14. Here is a better picture of the bike. I just dont see why this would still be a scorpa when the frame is different to the scorpa i see off their website.
  15. Is it just me or am i seeing a actual modern yahmaha trials bike in this video i found on youtube. To my eyes im seeing the yamaha symbol on the tank of the bike starting at 29 seconds in and in other later places in the video. I though yamaha has been out of the trials buisness for a long time.