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  1. thanks for your help guys.
  2. Hi all, I'm just finishing a project and wondered what cc it is, i can't remember the formula. my bore is 83.75 and stroke is 78.40 could someone jog my memory please. Best regards Si
  3. Thats brilliant, thanks for your help guys, Si
  4. Hi all, does anyone know of a source of workshop manuals for the sherco 2011 250? i found this link but it doesn't seem to work: http://www.malcolmra...rices.htm#T2011 I need to change the fork seal and just want to see what the bolt in the bottom of the forks is doing, not done them on these type of forks before so any advice would be good, or even a link that works. cheers guys Si PS, the kickstart split today !!! its not done much either, still on the original tyres chain sprockets etc as i dont get to ride half as often as i'd like. has anyone else experienced this? surely i shouldn't be changing kickstarts more often than the consumables! Regards
  5. They look real nice, but how do you think they compare to the Oset range? My 5 year old is due for a new bike so this could be an interesting topic for me. Si
  6. I took the bike back to the dealers and they were fantastic about it! im very impressed with the way things have gone, and i definitely will have no hesitations in buying another next time from the same place. Although i must say, i wasn't suggesting my dealer wouldn't support me, it was just that it was Sunday at the time of writing and i hoped to find out what i could expect. the problem lay with a small washer, replaced, and all sorted now thanks for you input guys. ATB Si
  7. Thanks guys. Ive not spoken to my dealer as it was sunday at the time of writing. its worth a try, but i thought, with it being a competition bike warranty would have been a minimum. my thinking is that something has come off or broken inside the case that stops the kick start shaft floating about. maybe there is a washer, shim or similar. I'll see if i can down load a pdf from somewhere, and ill speak to the dealer later. Regards Si
  8. Hi Guys, I'm just wondering what warranty i'm likely to have on my sherco, if any? i bought a new 2011 in Oct 2011,(its a 250) and i have a problem with the kick start not returning. the kick start shaft, when pushed down, moves away from the crank case and if not done quickly, gets stuck and wont return form about 3/4 of the way back up. any help on the warranty would be of help, or if ive got no warranty does anyone have any ideas? if i have to do it myself will i need any specialist tools? i'm pretty sure the nut inside the clutch basket will be on tight! thanks in advance. Si
  9. Thanks for your help guys, When i bought it I'm sure the salesman said something about the fuel level being half empty, or full, or something like that, would prevent the fuel coming out. i cant remember now, but I'll use the obvious blocking the pipe. cheers si
  10. Hi guys, a quick question: I want to change the fuel filter on my 2011 250. there isnt a fuel tap, so when i take the filter off i'm guessing the fuel is just going to poor out all over the place. how should i best go about it? Thanks in advance. Si
  11. Thanks for your help jim. Si
  12. Hi Guys, I've just bought an RL250. Its 1975 i think and in the Heron Suzuki colours, and im very pleased with it. However, the front brake is appalling, I've cleaned up the shoes with emery paper, and de-greased and dremaled the drum with a wire brush. But its still really bad. can i get a new liner for the hub? any suggestions? The ball bearing is missing out of the kick start, not unusual im sure, what would be the best way forward for this? I suppose the answer may be replace the bearing, but I'm thinking the kick start will be so worn It will just fall out. thanks in advance for you help Guys
  13. I've got the 2011 250. I've had no problems at all with it and enjoy riding it very much. if i could change one thing it would only be where the fuel filler is!! other than that i'd buy the same again if i had my time over. never had any of the carb issues mentioned, and thought the rear shock was great up until reading the above. good luck with what ever you decide to do. ATB Si
  14. I put a wanted advert on here for one for my lad. It did the trick and was offered two. I bought the one closest to me and it was a good buy. Unfortunatley, it seems classifieds have been taken off this site now, which i a real shame. Good luck!
  15. I some times use a hair dryer for stumborn ones. for the gloop thats left just use petrol on a rag. put plenty on, hold it on the gloop for 10 seconds and just wipe away. works every time