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  1. It was something to do with a damaged/defective plate or something [he didn't really go into it in detail] not a common issue though.. there's a few lads riding them in same club I'm in and they have had no issues at all. Not ridden the 280 so can't compare to the 250 sorry. As far as i'm aware the earlier 2012's had AJP the ones being sold at the moment come with Formula.. depends on the dealers stock.[i might be wrong though] Gear box is clunky in the top gears 4th to 5th etc when riding fast on trails, but its super smooth when doing trials. Kick start is as strong as any other bike if you kick it right.. but like I said they can be a bitch to start until everything loosens up. I put a different plug and adjusted the air screw and she seems to start better - I also stuck to the 50-1 fuel oil, it didn't like any other mix. HTH
  2. I've got a 2012 250, No problems with my linkage..yet. The only thing I can fault the bike on is that the frame paint is thinner than cling film on mine.. A friend has the same year bike [280cc] and his frame paint is alot thicker, However he's had problems with his clutch after just a few outings so it seems gas gas like every other manufacturer make the occasional 'Friday special' so make sure you have a good look around the bike your buying. Engine wise it pulls amazingly, it's very usable right through the rev range - The front is nice and light, the brakes are great but the rear suspension is a little soft for me - I'm 6ft and 15st with riding gear on so need a heavier spring - Oh and they're a bitch to start until they loosen up My friends who ride Beta's and Sherco's have all compared it to a mountain bike.. it feels that light. I find the riding position alot more friendly on the lower back than the evo.. but each to thier own.
  3. I was going to ask the same question, I'm 14.5st [15+ with riding gear on] and the standard spring on my 012 Gasser is far to soft for me - Can someone point me in the direction of a dealer who supplies heavier standard springs? [other than buying a Ohlins unit] Cheers Tricks
  4. As Dadof2 says get an alarm fitted to the garage, A good tamper proof house alarm are well worth the money especially if your garage is close to your house because you can run the alarm on both. Also chain through the frame and never the wheels as they can be removed.
  5. tricks

    Tyre Choice

    I think the X light is great for our Welsh hillsides/woodlands, it's far more grippier than my old x11. Not had any rim slip issues on mine [2012 txt] - they are soft though and no doubt i'll get a puncture after hyping them up
  6. tricks

    Beta Evo Project

    I used to have the same problem with my old scorpa - The only way it would go on is if I loosley fitted the back bolts first by about 4 threads, then I had to bend the front up to do the same before tightening them all up.
  7. Awesome build Yep tempted to get another VX one day - was going to go down the charger route with the last one but after a few trackdays in supercharged ones I decided I couldn't live with the whine everyday - Used to visit 220.Org back when it started. Good old days
  8. tricks

    Beta Evo Project

    Dunno how i missed that build thread - top job - I'll post in there now to prevent a thread hijacl
  9. tricks

    Beta Evo Project

    I've had two, both NA's, one standard the other modified, great cars.. I miss the VX meets and track days in them
  10. tricks

    Beta Evo Project

    Nice collection of VX220's
  11. The helmet doesn't move if the camera is stuck to it. The video is very real, the mountain range is Beaumont iirc. Very popular place to ride with top US MX riders, it's also in Shane watts training dvd See here @2:44
  12. 12th digit on the frame is the year
  13. tricks

    2012 Formula

    They make enough money from the Mountain bike world..
  14. tricks

    2012 Formula

    I'm pretty happy with them, good strong brakes IMHO. The rear is too good if anything, i've caught the lever with my foot dropping off things and almost gone over the bars a few times
  15. tricks

    Rear rubber flaps..

    Another good search of the internet today came up with nothing.. so I'll probably end up making my own - thanks for the info Mik60ish
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