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  1. i have a double xxl airoh does anyone know if a xl liner will fit and where can i buy one ?
  2. i i have a knobby knife if anyone would like to borrow it ,preferably someone who knows about electrics as it is not heating up, mind you all the heating element is a a heavy duty soldering iron which are a fiver on ebay
  3. yes i did it
  4. is it just the same procedeure as bleeding the brakes ? and how do i tell if my bike uses lhm fluid or brake fluid ? as the res cap is an after market one? the bike is 08
  5. are they still going ?that does not look a bad bike
  6. what type do i need ?
  8. i have a 08 gasgas raga,which manual should i refer to 08 or 09?
  9. has anyone got a manual or can point me towards a download or pics to help cable routing etc to refit a 08 300 raga engine?
  10. s3 tapes are 40 quid how much is a pair of wheels powder coating?
  11. which is the better option?
  12. I am wanting to change the colur of my raga from white to black . my question is can i buy just the cover for the airbox and are they expensive ?
  13. could you explain how cheers jake
  14. explain please?
  15. Classifieds for this please