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  1. Hello Guys Due to this awesome summer we are experiencing I feel a raincoat maybe needed... My needs: Lightweight Durable Doesn't Rip easily Comfortable Quite discreet (Black or Blue) Under say £60 Any recommendations? Doesnt have to be trials related however it will be used for a riding jacket, I went to GoOutdoors however I feel the gear is more desired to save weight than to be actually worn. I looked at the Alpinestar gear, it looks good however I have heard it falls to bits, like everything italian. Thanks in advance.
  2. Got any pictures of what you are struggling on? As your tactic can all depend on the shape and size of the object(s)
  3. Splatshop are making a fortune off me at the moment!
  4. Southern Puff, get out of our region!
  5. I have this same problem, however I do know if you come from Redcar you usually have a braincell or two missing in the rear braking department. I think its just getting more comfortable with the bike, as I had the same problem, and Im still trying to 'become one' with the bike which it 10x easier on a push bike to become.
  6. Very well desereved, did alot for the sport! Especially in Britain.
  7. I have boots that are only a year old! Grub screws isnt too bad of an Idea, no matter how medieval it would look. Giving a piece of rubber tube a go this weekend to see if that helps...
  8. Hello Just bought a 2011 Sherco ST2.5, I love it, however I find the Kickstart lever itself awfully slippy to kick off when you have muddy or wet flat soled boots. Has anyone experienced this too? Is there and mods I can do to help my boot stay on or any aftermarket Kick Levers? My fathers montesa has a knobble on the end when keeps your foot on, unfortunately the 2011 doesnt.
  9. Hello Guys Names Matty, been riding since I was about 4yrs old, started on an Auto Yellow Moto Guzzi, moved up to a TY80 and have a 2003 Sherco 200cc which I have had from new and still looks it! Rode at Guisborough District & Scarborough all my life. Never actually ridden competition, but just enjoy weekend riding! On the lookout for a 2011 Beta Evo 250cc or Sherco ST2 250cc as I have finally out grown my Sherco at 21... Look forward to getting involved!