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  1. another impressive trials video ruined by faggoty music
  2. lewis cosgrove dropping the knowledge in this thread..... so, youre getting a 2007 bike for 2005 money? i never have that sort of luck. lets hope the seller doesnt read this thread lol
  3. started it. let the fan come in. back on the stand you go.......
  4. i love it when andy gets angry is anybody else moist?
  5. sticky foot pegs and some stabilizers
  6. so who is the myterious man that hasnt been named?
  7. neilh

    New Helmet

    the best advice when buying a helmet is go to a shop and try a selection of them on.. sometimes a £40 helmet fits better than a £200 helmet depending of what size / shape crust you got
  8. i know of a few youngsters that were very talented (like the lad in the video) trouble is, as they grow up a little bit and start producing testosterone they would rather go out drinking alcopops and finger girls than practise. the bike becomes second or third priority and eventually they ride it every month or so
  9. i wouldnt give a shít. just look at it. id ride it like a pony in a race
  10. bad form on jitsie's part. 10 out of 10 for your local dealer though. seems hes being extremely helpful.
  11. depending on severity, you can superglue punctures in tyres. its extremely effective and is a permanent 95% of the time.
  12. i soooooooooo wanna have a go at that jump!
  13. ive just gone through the pics in this topic and ive realised how scruffy my bike it. i might start looking after it.
  14. neilh

    Is It Possible

    why not buy the correct kickstart?
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