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  1. After 3 Dunlops I have switched to Michelin and problem of going flat while riding as gone!I did like the grip of the new gp but could not trust it anymore.
  2. Never had any problems before with my 2011 evo or rev3 fit god knows how many rear tyres and always used Dunlops after Michelin on new bikes wear out as they stay on rim when punctured. Temp of rim or tyre as never been a problem. And living in Silsden I have a constant supply of Dunlops!!
  3. Bike came new with a Michelin no problems with tyre. 2nd tyre Dunlop was ok and was swapped round to wear both edges then finished a trial with it flat so was replaced as I thought it was punctured.3rd tyre new Dunlop went flat doing bemrose and came off rim and damaged valve inside rim and had to ride it off moors.just replaced with a new Dunlop d803gp and new valve checked rim no damage or mark's.rode Cleveland national and managed to do 20 sections then noticed it was flat and it pumped up ok rode rest of trial and was flat at last section! Blew it up to 10psi last night and just checked now and it's still at 10psi!
  4. No damage to bead on tyre and I have always used Dunlops with no problems tyre seems to last half trial distance then is flat! Had wheel in a bath and no leaks 2nd tyre now that as leaked even with a new complete valve!
  5. Anyone 1 had problems with evo rear tyre going flat only when riding ? New Dunlop and valve fitted any rim issues.
  6. betarick

    2014 Evo Airbox

    Problem with fuel hose is that it goes forward between cyl head and lower side of frame through cyl support bracket then loops back on its self down to carb! It seems to kink here and its pretty near cyl! looking at 2015 parts diagram and that seems to have a different tap!
  7. betarick

    2014 Evo Airbox

    Hi all! Is anyone with a 2014 evo have any problems with water allways in bottomn of air box? And as anyone found a better way to route fuel pipe from tap to stop it kinking?
  8. So do i need new cork plugs? seen plenty of other cranks without them!
  9. Just split cases on a 125cc txt to change mains. While cleaning crank i have found 4 cork plugs in crank holes which where in a bit of a state! Whats the idea behind these and will there be any ill efect without them?
  10. Hi folks! As title says anyone know of where I can get a evo black rear mudgaurd and not one of these half a mudgaurd kits.
  11. Top trial team change bikes from beta to ossa!
  12. Well 3 months on and i have no new jacket from Jitsie My dealer is strugling to get me one or get info of whats going on? I really feel let down by jitsie!
  13. Cant knock my local dealer who have been very helpfull and are trying there best to sort me a new jacket! But jitsie dont seem to be going out of there way to help anyone! I bet it would be different if i was one of there sponsored riders not joe public advertising there brand!
  14. Yea centre championship std if your a expert course rider not a clubman rider,
  15. Use kit wash no warmer than 30 as it will destroy colours! But as trials gear is so poor quality these days it will fall in bits anyway!
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