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  1. Righto Gonna order some later tonight
  2. The hebo ones I've been looking at have a good selection of shims with them to fit various bars
  3. Has any body got experience of the Hebo (or any other ?) bar ends with the throttle bearing in them ??? Are they worth it or just go with standard bar ends ? Cheers
  4. Cheers copemech
  5. 'Do as you like then'....... That's usually the way it works after you've listened to a few opinions isn't it ? I'm going 70:1 If someone is unsure and asking for advice, it's just for an opinion I am very grateful for any advice given (as I started this topic) JoeNinety also thanked everyone, but If he or anyone else doesn't take it, its no skin off your nose ? Surely we both are erring on the side of caution, my bike has only just had a replate and piston too Joe
  6. Yeah I downloaded the Sherco mixture ratio list and it had a big yellow bar running through 60:1
  7. The swingarm moves up/down/left/right about 6mm at the bearings, more on the RH than LH Noticed a light knocking when hopping the rear to turn it round
  8. Cheers for all the info boys, spent the day cleaning and checking Previous owner copper greased everything........but put that much on it was a bit sticky dirt magnet ha ha ha Noticed some play in the swingarm bearings I didn't notice when I bought it........ 20 notes for bearings quite good I thought While that's out being done ill drop the engine and put the S3 head on Roll on spanner time next weekend
  9. They are a right obscure 'Vee Rubber' 'Trial Benissimo' ha ha ha Think I'll be buying some others soon........
  10. Cheers boys
  11. Hi all, Got my first trials bike a 2007 Sherco 290 (altered timing and an S3 low comp head to tame it a bit ha ha ha) I know a lot of people will tell me it's the wrong bike for a starter but hey ho that's life.... Couple of questions, 1. Tyre pressure, I'm reading 4psi rear 6psi front as a recommendation, would any of you change that for a 15st rider ??? 2. Oil ratio ? Never had a premix 2t before, what would you recommend ???? Cheers all Jody
  12. After much thought I've decided to go go for a Scorpa Sy250 Cheers for the advice My only trouble now is not being too picky when choosing a bike, by my own admission I was OTT with my mountain bikes, used to strip them and replace anything partly worn or scratched as soon as I bought them ha ha ha I must have wasted loads of
  13. Right then......... i apologise for another 'which bike' topic by me, but everytime i find a bike its gone before i manage to get some advice !! Bike i had lined up has been dismissed for various reasons... Buying my first bike........Money getting warm but not quite burning a hole in my pocket........Although give it a week or so........ :hyper: Ive decided on either a Sherco 125/250 (heard 290 too vicious for a newbie) or a Scorpa 250 Im 15st, ive had 125 road bikes, ridden trials experience days, motocross experience days, xc and downhill mountain bike Which would you most recommend ?? (PS. no beta or Gas Gas for me, i dont like them aesthetically ) Cheers
  14. Cheers boys The one I was going to look at is now sold I take it the 125/250 is the same frame ? How are the 125's for a beginner bike bearing in mind I'm knocking on 15st ? Apologies for all the questions but I don't want to rush into a bike just to need another a few months later.......
  15. I'm looking at buying a 06 290cc Is there anything, common problem wise, to look for ? Cheers