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  1. Had a look at the pictures on splatshop again and that got me thinking, so I turned the spring round and hey presto the ends of the spring stick out further and engage with the moulding. So that's sorted then. Put the chain back on and turned the chain wheel and have managed to change through a few more gears so I think that will be OK once it is back together. So I will whack it back together and see how it goes.
  2. Thanks copemech. Will try turning the chain wheel tonight, seems obvious now you say that. The return spring is set up like this pic from the splatshop website I will try and get a pic of it in situ with the casing tonight.
  3. I found a bloke on ebay who was offering clutch tools for other bikes. I sent him a friction plate and a clutch plate and he made me one for £18.
  4. Hi Guys Been having a few problems with my 2002 Sherco 250 gear selector. First, I was not able to change gear and the lever was flopping about. This was diagnosed as a sheared shift shaft on the pawl assembly. So I got a new one, new return spring, new pawl assembly spring and oil seal. I also changed the clutch plates and put in a new clutch basket while I was in there and a new gasket. All back together and one mornings riding later and it is clear that something is not right. I could only select 1st or 2nd gear and the lever was not returning. So I do a bit more research and realise I have not installed the return spring properly, so I take it all apart again. Anyway tonight I have properly installed the return spring but the lever still does not return. I have read elsewhere on here that there is a moulding on the casing that may fix that once I re-assemble it. The other issue is that the pawl assembly does not seem to be engaging with the index shim and selector drum and only turns it about half a turn and back again. Any idea if that is normal? If not how do I fix it? Thanks
  5. PS - Clutch basket is notched so that will get changed. I see this is rivetted. How easy/hard is this to change?
  6. Thanks for the advice, I have the clutch cover off and plates/springs etc out now. I have also found this chap on ebay who says if I send him a friction plate and metal plate he will make me a holder for £18 instead of the £75 Sherco want. For that sort of money I will get one for the toolbox, just in case.
  7. Cheers that makes me feel a lot better about this. I am told that you can undo the clutch without buying the £75 holder tool with a windy gun or more precisely I can take it to a shop with a windy gun and they can undo it for me. But I am not sure how you torque it up again without the holder without damaging the clutch basket. I may replace the clutch plates while I have it out.
  8. I had assumed the shaft and the forky bit at the end were one unit like the one in the splatshop link. Basically the gear lever was flopping about and the shaft was sliding in and out. When I got home I took the chain off and the gear lever and shaft slid right out.
  9. I do know a bloke who got two trackbikes with wets on wheels, leathers, boots, helmets, tools, paddock stands etc into a Renault Espace but that was one of the old shape models which have a bigger boot. Would it not be easier to loosen the handlebar bolts and rotate the bars down rather than compressing forks.
  10. PS - What is a squish clearance and how do I measure it?
  11. Finally got my bike back together after replacing the shock linkages, refreshing the brakes and sorting the front end and got to ride it at the weekend.... ...for all of about 50 yards before the gear selector shaft broke. I have just about got the engine out of the frame to start trying to repair this but have no idea what to expect once I get inside the cases. I have the engine stripdown guide from Sherco USA which is grand but don't really know what I am looking for in terms of stuff that will need replacing and I would rather only take it apart once. Can you guys provide any advice / guidance / enlightment? Am I better of getting a donor engine and just swapping it? Would a 290 engine fit? Thanks in advance.
  12. Cleaning the bike today and noticed a big ding in the rim of the front wheel. Splatshop want £130 for a new one which I would have to lace onto the hub, which from what I am told is a bugger of a job. Or £300+ for a complete wheel. Is it something I can get repaired? Or are there any trials breakers I could get a seondhand one from? That said is it that much of an issue if I just keep riding this one? I am a beginner so it won't be getting a hard time leaping off stuff or any of that clever stuff.
  13. Another round tonight, met someone from here who lurks and doesn't post. Sorry mate didn't get your name, was a bit pre-occupied with getting my son under way on his TY. Think someone told the organisers that the sections were too easy last time cos the sections seemed much harder to me. Did clear all of them except one once just not on the same lap as far as I can remember.
  14. Going again on Thursday, hoping to take my sone on his TY80 along too.
  15. Its all gone a bit quiet on the Crutchlow to Ducati front. Dorna previously bank rolled his seat in MotoGP to keep a Brit in the series but now Bradley Smith is moving up to Tech 3 they have that without Crutchlow. There is talk of Dovi going to Ducati and maybe Randy DePuniet taking his seat at Tech 3 which leaves Crutchlow out in the cold. Shame, he deserves a ride for his performances this year but Tech3 is a French team and are unlikely to run 2 Brits despite Herve Poncheral's apparent love of English riders - James Toseland and James Ellison both rode for him before Cal. Time will tell.