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  1. Discussed my SWM with factory rider Giavani Tosco (I think that is right) at the 78 SSDT and he said I should reduce the amount of oil in the fuel as they didn't need as much as the Monts Ossas Bultos of the day. Did this and it ran perfect from then. From memory I reckon I must have been running at around 40/1 at the time and he said 80/1. Too worried to go that far I think I settled for somewhere in between and that fixed it for me. With modern day oil technology you could probably go a bit further, so it might be worth going down that route if you are currently on a low ratio. Of course the carb is always there to be tinkered with....
  2. My rear wheel drive 08 LWB Vito isn't good in the wet, and with winter not far away I am going to change the tyres,at least the rears, to see if I can improve both wet weather and of course muddy field performance. It's just a trials van so not desperately bothered about lifespan, just as long as I can get some decent traction when I need it. Had it for about six months now and know I'm going to be in bother if I don't change them. Do you go for town and country, snow?, or whatever. So, question is, are there any tyre experts out there or anyone with experience of my situation who can point me in the right direction on what to go for
  3. racey

    Showa Rear Shocker

    Just aquired a Showa rear shock, fully rebuilt, and probably off a Montesa. Thought it would be worth trying on the 2016 Evo, just to see what if any difference it might offer. However in its normal upright position as fitted on the Mont, the large diameter fouls on the swinging arm, and you can't bolt it together. But it does go on "upside down" so to speak. And what's more it seems to work fine. Question is - do these work either way up, or is it likely to fail soon? Also is anyone using a Showa and what do you think?
  4. After hiding my wallet, mobile phone, iPad and Rolex in the glove box, I put the key above the sun visor, last place people would look. Then when I am finished it's a simple code 1234 to deactivate the tracker and I'm off home.
  5. racey

    Ossa Tr 300I

    Easier with the block off, lets it rotate further
  6. Turn right just before village, it will be flagged. Sportsman is Easy Course Forty man hours gone into this trial today, we reckon it's the best trial we have put on for years, so get yourselves up there and support us, you will enjoy. The weather was fine all day, and what rain might fall is forecast to be gone in the morning, so you have no excuses......... A few clubs including ourselves are doing our best to put something on other than four times round the car park, and delighted to hear a good number have already committed to getting there tomorrow, No matter what your ability you will get round no problem, and take in the scenery that only this and the Bedlington Two Day can give you.
  7. From memory I think that's a Mk1 which came out around 68, the tell tale features include the large hubs, IRZ carb and steel yokes which were all changed by the time the Mk2 and Mk3 models emerged in the early 70's The frame was white then, certainly not any shade of blue
  8. Thanks for all your replies, interesting point about the flange type concerning spokes, never considered that problem.... I will start looking around the breakers and see what's available
  9. Cheers for that TLTEL, I thought the tubeless versions were all 32 hole, and the 36 hole were mainly tubed rims, but I'll dig deeper now with your info, thanks again.
  10. I would like to convert the back wheel on my Beamish to tubeless. Has anyone come across a 36 hole tubeless rear rim. Don't mind if its the thick rubber band type that seals the spokes or the later flanged type. New or decent second hand would be fine Thanks
  11. Been through all the old trials transport forums, but didn't spot anything on getting two bikes inside an Espace, Grand or otherwise. Seems you can get a couple into a Galaxy/Sharan/Alhambra but maybe only after compressing the forks, so wondered if anyone had any luck with the Renault.
  12. Great shots Neil, rather than start a new topic, a few more are on flickr now http://www.flickr.com/photos/raycrinson/
  13. From the first section yesterday www.flickr.com/photos/raycrinson/
  14. A few from Boxing Day's Seaton Delaval Trial at Wards Hill, starting with a "well held" by Neil Hebdon Quality has disappeared after going through Flickr, will try again later with higher quality images Again, link only works on PC's check flickr if necessary
  15. Nice ones Neil, And a few more from today, don't think the link works with ipads etc, needs a pc
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