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  1. I'll take a look at my Explorer and see what it has. I'm guessing an incandscent.
  2. Even with the junk arohnd, the stator certainly could produce voltage. BUT the pickup for the spark timing won't work. im not sure if i have any test values around for the stator, I was thinking it was in the service manual? If it were me, I would replace the screws (properly locktited as mentioned) clean everything up and see if it will start. mark
  3. Carefully check the woodruff key (locates flywheel on crank). If it has failed, then the timing coild be way off. (you will almost certainly need to remove the flywheel first)
  4. Yes, PST. (puget Sound Trialiers)
  5. Kennedy Creek Trial- a bit north of Olympia, Washington (USA) Weather couldn't have been better, sections were loads of fun and great group of people.
  6. Had a lot of fun at a Trial this weekend.
  7. I was thinking I could hear the injector clicking during the test- but I'll have to try it again. I forgot to ask, is the spark plug getting wet when you try to start?
  8. Like Canada mentions, test the spark with the software. After clearing errors, do they come back?
  9. Along with getting the current TPS reading as above, was this taken with the bike running or just on the battery? Sjnce you you have those documented, clear the errors and see which ones come back, while just on the aux battery you have plugged in. sort of looking like bad connections to me...but that is totally off the top of my head. mark
  10. There are some directions for making some of the settings. after setting idle, set TPS to .6Volts but turning the sensor (read in software). THEN 'set to ECU' this part is pretty important, but don't forget to clean main ECU connector. mark
  11. On my 2014 Explorer the light only comes on with low fuel (well, sometimes it comes on even when I have plenty of fuel left,but could be an airlock in upper tank)
  12. I'll try to look at my Explorer and see what colours I see.
  13. Hey, I said it was a rumor, that's why I was asking if anyone else heard anything more. Even the person said 'it looks like' Of course, only time will tell. We have heard these before and while I'm hopeful, I will believe it when I see it.
  14. I left the box in place. I'm not sure it is really required now- but it wasn't getting in the way or anything so I left it. I charged the lithium battery the other day, it was still fine and it had been months since I charged it last.
  15. Yes, that seems obviously something slapped together. That is the original concept enduro bike- as far as I ever head they made just one and I'm told it ran etc (but who knows how well). Loads of really neat ideas, but I'm assuming a LOT of development would be needed to make it a real bike. I heard the latest 2nd hand and don't want to pass along the source, but a lot more reliable than other things I've heard. But it is a Spanish company. mark