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  1. Thanks!
  2. Chain adjuster change? Hmmm, maybe this thing mounts a lot differently than I’m thinking. I dont’ see any picture with one mounted.
  3. I see in the parts catalog a Licence Plate Kit- Looks like a plate holder with taillamp and indicators. Is this really available? does it come with the bikes in Europe? I’m interested in one. mark
  4. I don’t know abut the carb in this application, but I’ve used this tool on many bikes to successfully adjust the pilot screw.
  5. The 4Ride sounded really intersting- pretty heavy compared to my OSSA, but has other very good points. Doesn’t reall matter since they are not available in the States- maybe never? My Explorer weighs about the same as the 4RT260- and is street legal (well, has all the street legal stuff and easy to plate in WA) But no longer made and with getting close to 400 hours, seems a good time to look for another bike to add. Like any of us need an excuse? Haha
  6. Montesa 4RT260 vrs Beta 4T I could only find pretty old discussions. I'm considering picking up a 4 stroke for my trail riding. I already have a great bike for that (OSSA Explorer) but it does have quite a lot of hours now and with parts probably getting harder to get in the future I'm thinking of adding a bike. The Beta 4T is lighter I know, great reports and look very well made. The Montesa has FI, reported to be very reliable and well made. Anyone have a fair amount of time on both and offer comparisons? (I won't be riding trials with either of these I doubt, but super tight 'pseudo' track I like to ride so much. I'm an intermediate trials rider, quite a lot of experience in riding in general, no longer want to go fast) mark edit: Does the Montesa still come with the removeable seat? I actually have the Beta 'long range kit' so know about those.
  7. Great bikes, but indeed- not made at this time. I've had great results with my Explorer (over 360 hours). My Factory 300 has pretty low hours.
  8. I have a video of adjusting the shifter spring.
  9. Check with Keith
  10. Not cheap- but available.
  11. I saw a magnesium case for sale. I'll try to find the link.
  12. I messaged OSSA and they sent me the link of the above e-bike. They said they are still hopeful on the Moto-OSSA again, but nothing solid.
  13. Yes, I understand that. But if someone was in the area I could meet up and do a TPS adjustment or the like. I was told checkers cannot ride to sections either, but will be transported.
  14. I can bring my software/interface to the Kingman World Trial if anyone needs to give their OSSA a tune. I don't know my route back up north- so a possibility I could stop by if you live on my route. Mark
  15. A heat gun to warm the linkage up can help with taking it apart. Some penetrating oil may help also.