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  1. Heres is the instrument OSSA used on the Explorer. it certainly looks like the same low fuel lamp on my 300 Factory. I didn't see that they sold the lamps separately- but perhaps an email to them?
  2. I'll have to set it up with the '74 Explorer also
  3. Yes, K-scan give total hours, and some re-setable ones. I use the re-set hours to help keep track of service.
  4. Thanks! It should be lots of fun. I did see a missing bushing and screw on the lower kickstart (common to come loose) and that makes it harder to start also. I think I have a spare around (it looked like something that could get lost)- otherwise I'll get one coming. The TPS needed to be reset again- it was a little off. So far, Ive seen the like to be reset a after a number of hours, then every 100 hours or so. (It has 17 hours).
  5. Well, I now have four OSSAs in the garage. (One is a restoration project). we did some trading and I now have the 2014 Factory 300 that has been talked about a bit. I didn't have much trouble starting it, but I'm going to do my 'super easy start' mod anyway. I'll check the mixture and all that stuff too. Certainly more power than my Explorer, but it is heavier also. I'm not exactly sure how I'll set it up- some sort of 'long range' seat/tank likely the Betas have I think. I'd like to try one of those and see if they fit. Mark
  6. I had to replace the fan itself on mine. Maybe 250+ hours. It had started to make noise when first starting- so I already had one in the garage. of course, I was out on the tail when it failed (bike started steaming) and I had to tow it back much of the way. I think I have a spare relay- but probably a good idea to have one handy. mark
  7. With 'easy start' AAA battery fully charged Push kill button once. take slack out of kickstarter, then give it a VERY healthy kick. Don't touch the throttle! Mine will generally start 1st or 2nd kick from cold, 1 from hot. (With my latest map/fuel mixture setting when cold it has been taking a few kicks, but it runs so well when warm I've left it) that's what works for me anyway.
  8. You may want to run a one step hotter sparking plug (4) I set the TPS and idle for Eric some time ago- but if you have any idle issues at all let me know. Mak
  9. I can show you how to do a setup like mine. If you mess up the first kick- this addition (I call it 'super easy start') makes it easy to start anyway. Plus good for troubleshooting.
  10. I thought the bike was supposed to charge it, but I could easily be full of it. i replaced mine with a rechargeable (after charging the new one). Now I don't worry about it since I have a separate LiPo battery for 'waking it up'
  11. I never tried just holding it.... I wanted to view the pattern when I had it out. I"ll give that a go next time. mark
  12. Recent trial I'm only 61- so safe height (OSSA Explorer)
  13. I was thinking that bolt that holds the injector in also holds the cap on. So once unbolted nothing holds the fuel deliver pipe on firmly?
  14. I went with OKO on two OSSAs, and a GasGas. Price is great, a kit is available and works great.
  15. I will get the number form the bulb. the gauge itself is TrailTech - I will check their site and see if they have bulbs that fit also, mark