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  1. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    After warm up, my 4T will start just find in gear with the clutch pulled in (all the way). It does not drag at all when all the way in. Normally I use one finger on the clutch and can’t pull it quite all the way in (hits my other fingers, even when slide in as far as possible), but no issue when riding at all like that. It will even start ok that way, but seems better all the way to the bar. For me, it starts really well- as long as I don’t kick it hard or fast. A gentle prod and it fires right up. I usually stand beside it, since that discourages a fast kick. mark
  2. beta 300t4 clutch fix

    I have Billy’s old 300T. I use the same oil he used- the only time I have any issue at all is when initial cold start. Unless I let it idle and warm up quite some time- the clutch is sometimes ‘stuck’ and I have to ride with it pulled in and brakes on a bit to unstick it. I attribute it to the much colder weather than what he has- a lighter oil could solve it, but it works so well the rest of the time I just keep using the same stuff. It only does it after parked overnight or longer. Not a big deal to me. Mark
  3. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    I’ve used special fiberglass brushes to clean the pins. If you had the factory cable- using the software you can activate the fan. That will show if the rest of the wiring is good or not. Then read the temperature. These will overhead pretty darn quickly with no fan, even with everything else in good working order. At least in my experience. Darn minimal airflow without it. Mark
  4. Beta EVO3004T "she had the same idea"

    When I had a small amount come out of the ‘drip hole’ I looked into replacing the water pump. (The drip has not happened again, so I have not replaced it yet). the manual says to replace it at some 60 hours, but I assume that is under extreme competition use and I doubt any ‘normal’ user does maintainence at those recommended intervals. I believe the best way is to remove the radiator and side supports, remove skid plate and all but the rear engine mount, remove exhaust. Loosen carb jubilee clamp and tilt the engine down. Then you can remove the top head cover and have access to the gear that drive the water pump. Do you have the service manual? mark
  5. OSSA TR77 Verde Carburettor

    The OKO I fitted to my Explorer from Mid-Atlantic trials worked great.
  6. 2016 4T Hot ?

    LIke mentioned, I find mine starts much better with a very mild, slow kick. If I kick it like my OSSAs then it doen’t Like to start. I do find it is better with the hot start, not throttle, slow kick. If that doesn’t work, full throttle and a couple of hard kicks seems to do the job. Mostly if I have any issue it is due to kicking to hard. (So it seems to me anyway). Note I have a 16 factory model, the ‘high low’ power switch has been removed, so no idea if it does anything. I was told it doesn’t do much until high rpm. Mark
  7. Best EVO brake pads for mud ?

    Yes, a good point. I try to clean everything pretty well after every ride. But I’ll give extra care., It has been quite muddy lately and the routes (I hesitate to call them trails) go though some swampy areas that get pretty mucky. mark
  8. 4t misfire 2018

    I’d suggest the easy things first. 1. Choke off 2. Air box doesn’t have a rag or something left in it 3. Replace sparking plug (perhaps the easiest?) It could be just a bad electrical connection, or poor earth connection on the coil.
  9. Best EVO brake pads for mud ?

    Any part numbers would be very appreciated.
  10. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    I had found the FI very, very reliable with quite minimal maintenance required. I like it. Software access was easy (of course now that OSSA is not in business, finding the interface now is difficult, but setup was super easy) But I certainly understand those not wanting to get into the FI world. The CV carb on my 300 4T works pretty well, but I wonder how it would be with FI similar to the Montesa (another bike I seriously looked into buying). just my thoughts- what do I know?
  11. Best EVO brake pads for mud ?

    I have a 2016 Evo 300 4T It has a Grimeca caliper. Anyway, what it the consensus for the best brake pad for mud. It has some Galfer in there now, I can’t read the number. Looks physically the same as the SRS 802. Anyone have their favorite for mud? (Knowing the number for the rear would be handy also, just looking at the front at the moment) Mark
  12. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    The OSSA injector goes directly into the crankcase- right at the rear transfer port. Not really that much different Than the KTM (only one injector of course), it is NOT throttle body injection. I do not know how the Vertigo is setup.
  13. Front brake becomes soft after ride

    I didn’t see anyone mention this (sorry if I missed it). Make sure there it play between the lever ‘rod’ and the piston in the master cylinder. If the adjustment is too tight, the piston cannot come all the way back and it will do as you describe. Also check the adjustment that controls how far OUT the lever sits- if it is too far toward the handlebar it will do the same thing.
  14. Evo 300 4T fuel issue

    Also make sure your HotStart valve is not open. That will make it run lean with pops etc. Although not the rest of it.
  15. Ossa tr250i rear brake question

    Make absolutely certain the brake rod has clearance to the master cylinder piston. AND that the piston is coming all the way back down. Mine had that haywire ‘sideways lid’ on the master. So I need to either bleed from the back and open the screw- or use a syringe to bleed from the front. mark