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  1. Not cheap- but available.
  2. I saw a magnesium case for sale. I'll try to find the link.
  3. I messaged OSSA and they sent me the link of the above e-bike. They said they are still hopeful on the Moto-OSSA again, but nothing solid.
  4. Yes, I understand that. But if someone was in the area I could meet up and do a TPS adjustment or the like. I was told checkers cannot ride to sections either, but will be transported.
  5. I can bring my software/interface to the Kingman World Trial if anyone needs to give their OSSA a tune. I don't know my route back up north- so a possibility I could stop by if you live on my route. Mark
  6. A heat gun to warm the linkage up can help with taking it apart. Some penetrating oil may help also.
  7. Two of my four current OSSAs
  8. Is it a rich or lean flat spot? You could try changing idle mixture and see if any difference, then raising the needle (lower the circlip) and see if it gets better or worse.
  9. No- when you read the firmware version it shows it has a dual map. It doesn't not show details about how the map actually works (rich/lean/advance etc). Software is readily available, just the cables are not currently abundant. (Especially reasonably priced ones). Both ECUs use the same cable and software, just a different end for the 4 pin vrs 6 pin.
  10. Hello do you happen to have OSSA diagnostic software I could download.  I have noticed you have replied to a few OSSA ecu threads and it would be a big help



  11. What is the engine number? Looks like someone already changed the carb- but I had excellent results with an OKO conversion from Mid-Atlantic Trials.
  12. I ended up getting a different bearing puller and they pop right out. But I'll keep the square drift in mind. mark
  13. 280i 2011 ecu need file 32kb? thanks

  14. I'm not quite sure yet. It seems map 2 is milder than 1. But I also don't know if the engine needs to be restarted after a switch- or it will do it dynamically. Or perhaps on this particular map, there is not much difference between them. It doesn't say in the software description.
  15. I can't seem to find the info, so thought I'd ask. 2014 Factory 300. There are two maps- 1 and 2. What do the two positions do? Which is 'soft' and 'hard'? I see on some other maps they list which is which (or 'hard' and 'Road' etc), but the Factory one does not. Thanks Mark