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  1. It looks fantastic, beautiful restoration, well done. Great to see it finished.
  2. Keep a look out on ebay, I was able to get an original copy for my Model 80. You can view it here
  3. Post a photo of that watch thing, would love to see what it looks like.
  4. Thanks for the comments guys. Yeah I'm quite sure the back box was the first thing most people took off. The alloy mudguards couldn't have lasted long either. I still have the Miller silencer box from the old photos but its split and the insides fell out of it many years ago.
  5. I posted some new pictures of the bike now that its finished, I hope you like them. I might take some more if we get a touch of snow ( link below)
  6. I would have reckoned probably 10-11 Nm (7-8 ft/lbs) would be about right for an M6 thread.
  7. I took some photos of my re build, although it's a different model it may help.
  8. Good job with the tank Manndolins. I've also got mine finished this week although I didn't do the actual painting. I did however cut it in two at one point to get rid of the old petrol sealer so its nice to see it back on the bike. She had to come down some very steep stairs as well this week, so hopefully very soon I'll get a ride on her again.
  9. I had thought of cutting the two big slots like you did but the boat repair man reckoned it wouldn't make any difference just cutting the thing in two bits. Yours turned out looking really good Larry. Did you use anything inside it again afterwards. Brian was telling me he has a resin that he uses in chemical tanks that's resistant to acids, but ethanol's not really an acid, so I might go with whatever is currently the best - caswell maybe
  10. Well I finished fabricating the chainguard with a nice dimple and bracket, but I've also took the plunge and cut open my tank. Anyone made similar repairs?
  11. Larry that's a great bit of work and easy enough to understand, appreciate it. I've never seen a bracket like that one before. If I'm honest I'd still like to make ones similar to the top picture. What thickness is the aluminium in your bracket, I was thinking 2 mm would be ok.
  12. Thank you, that would be great. I'll PM my address
  13. I want to fit my front mudguard to a model 80 sherpa using the original shaped stays. I don't have any of these but I reckon I could make them easily enough with a little help. If anyone has a bike with these on it (twinshock maybe) could you do me a favour. Could someone screw them off and try to make a drawing or template with a few dimensions on it. It would give me a better idea than just working from a photo. Ralph
  14. I started making a chainguard today for the M80. Got a sheet of 1.5mm aluminium about 18" square from a mate for free and made a folder from bits that where lying round the shed. Managed to put a nice curve on the top of it. Next it needs cut out and filed up. Maybe tomorrow.
  15. Yes indeed Larry, very easy for the spokes to snap when trying to loosen the nipples. But you'll know yourself, lathes with enough swing to accommodate the full wheel aren't as common, so most will find themselves forced into taking it apart for that reason. - A thought just came into my head, I know where there's a railway restoration yard - their bound to have big machinery - that's me sorted out next time. I kinda mentioned the hub distortion thing just because I'd heard it discussed here in another post somewhere and it was in my head while I was writing.