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  1. After 26 years of sitting, neglected, in the garage............ IT STARTS!!!!! Three things happened at that exact moment in time, a grown man had a little cry, the dog started barking and I deafened myself as I was in a relatively enclosed space with no exhaust pipe on it! Thanks for everyone's help, expect many, many more stupid questions in this thread
  2. Cheers for that Tony I've pulled it all apart given everything a good clean with Carb cleaner, will see if that works.
  3. Hi, it's me back again. I got spark and I had air going through the carb but the plug was always dry when I tried to kick it over so decided that the carb must be bunged up, It's got a Mikuni VM26-208 on it. The prospect of taking the carb apart scared the beejebus out of me - bits pinging out everywhere, losing stuff which I can't currently afford to replace but I found a few Youtube videos that demystified the voodoo surrounding carbs, so I took it apart, most of the videos I found were from Canada and to do with taking apart SnowMobile carbs but many of them mentioned that if you had a groove in the needle it was probably a good idea to replace it, so I was just wondering what you'd do if this was yours....?
  4. It made a spark for the first time in 20+ years today
  5. Cheers for that 325, it gave me an idea. I took the old coil bracket and mounted an L shape bar on to it. Excuse the somewhat "agricultural" appearance, this picture was of a test fitting and using any old bolts that were lying around
  6. That's great, Thanks Graham. I'd be interested to see how you've done it. I have an idea of using the old bracket from the Femsa coil to hold the new one, I just have to work out how to get it apart. Have fun in Stanthorpe! It sounds like fun
  7. Great, thanks for that info Graham, I'll give it a try I was also wondering if anyone had a picture of how they have mounted an electronic ignition (the one from InMotion) - I have an idea but it doesn't look very neat and wondered if anyone else had a solution before I go hacking at the HT lead to shorten it Cheers
  8. A small progress update photo Just a quick question for those in the know, can anyone recommend me a good gearbox/clutch oil? I've read through this thread - But am none the wiser Can I use an ATF in both gearbox and clutch? and if so how much in each or is a 5w fork oil a good choice? Thanks in advance
  9. Here's a pro tip. When spraying your engine with VHT paint from Halfords, despite the can saying black on it and the cap lid being black and the assistant in Halfords reassuring you that it's actually black when you ask, you might really want to do a test spraying because as I learnt to my cost the contents of the tin MIGHT BLOODY WELL NOT BE BLACK......... It dried to a very fetching matt ash grey......................................... Although to be fair to Halfords, when I went and explained the problem they did replace the paint with no hassle, I think they may have been aware of this problem beforehand.
  10. Wow thanks so much Steve, most helpful
  11. A few pics of the mystery numbers... The step in the bottom of the engine case....
  12. I don't know if this is a stupid question or not but here goes..... I have been cleaning 40ish years of mud and grime off my engine and as per the engine number I reckon it's a 199-A from 80/81ish. Just by the drain plug on the left side of the engine by the left-hand shifter spindle there are some numbers stamped into it and one of those numbers is 199 so I was just wondering if at some point half the engine has been replaced or if this is standard (I know in the later years at Bultaco the numbering system went a bit awry ) oddly enough on the bottom of the engine the 2 halves don't seem to match. Cheers.
  13. Good luck with the rebuilds, I'm in the middle of one at the moment too. Regarding painting the frame, InMotion will sell you Bultaco grey spray cans, (you can also get it on ebay but it's the same price.) Many people would suggest getting the frames professionally stripped and powder coated for a longer lasting finish, but I couldn't afford that Good luck! Post pictures
  14. Big black rubbery circle things fitted I went for Pirelli MT43 as I'll be just doing general off road pottering (and I got a really good deal on them!!) The security bolts were absolutely knackered so I had to replace them.
  15. I have started bolting things back to the frame Admittedly I have bolted things on, then realised I have put them on backwards...... Oh and then there's the paint scheme..... I shall leave you guessing on that one for the moment, let's just say, it's not factory colour