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  1. Is that on the opposite side of the venue or top end of the road? I think it should be ok up the normal road
  2. On google maps it looks like you can come down from the opposite way and theres no trees etc.
  3. theres a trial sunday at thurlestone quarry and I haven't rode there before. ive been trying to find out what the access is like to the venue but had no look. on google maps the road up passed the houses from the bottom looks quite tight and narrow. is this the case or is it fairly wide? the reason for asking my dads not got a cheap van yet for riding and as you will all know a lot of venues have terrible access. and I don't want him to drive up in his good van and not be able to get up there without any scratches. thanks
  4. what did you do to the 13 to give it more off the bottom?
  5. does the new one have more grunt or is it still too soft off the bottom?
  6. have you gone for a 300 again? I fancy a new one next year although I like the look of the new ones a lot.
  7. cheers mate I was in the shed first thing this morning I looked at the beta spares and seen the order and already had a feeling it was that. started it up at the trial and ran perfect all day.
  8. that may be the problem thinking about it. the brass needle jet did fly out but I noticed and put it back. although I put it in from the top of the carb. should it go in from the bottom under the main jet holder?
  9. ill give it a go tomorrow the pilot jet is clear so must be inside the tower where its blown deeper in to the small hole exit. ill keep trying to flush it out before opening it up
  10. would I be right in thinking theres a bit of dirt trapped near the tiny exit hole and be better getting the security torx fitting to clean inside the tower better?
  11. the carb needed cleaning on my evo 300 so I stripped it down and carb cleaner and air lined it all jets etc was clear. put it back together and it will tick over but bogs down or dies when revved. it will run nere on perfect with the choke on or the air mixture screw all the way in. ive stripped it back down a few times and cleaned it again but I'm thinking a bit dirt is trapped beneath the pilot jet which I cant seem to get out? do those security torx screws need to come out or is there a specific way to blow through that circuit? ive got a trial tomorrow and going to have to borrow my dads carb but want to get this sorted asap.
  12. Even if the master cylinder is completely empty I thought it would have had a air in by now
  13. my brother has just bought a 16 ice hell. we was swapping the master cyclinder covers over to some nice red csp ones earlier and noticed the clutch master cyclinder was completely empty of fluid. which seems weird as it worked when I test rode it a few days ago. I'm presuming it will need bleeding rather than just topping up as its completely empty up top. and how are these bled? there isn't a nipple near the casing where the hose is like on my beta. thanks
  14. cheers mate ill grab some then.
  15. I want to fit some boyesen carbon reeds to my 16 evo 300. on motomerlin etc the carbon reeds are listed for only 09-14. are they not available for 15 onwards or do they still fit? thanks