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  1. No mate rang vertigo up and they said they’ve all got varying amounts of rattle but not to worry unless doesn’t go when engaging the clutch
  2. Yes mate all stopped when i upgrades to the csp water pump kit etc rode about 6 full days since without a noise
  3. I’ve just spoke to beta Uk and the flywheel tool is rh thread not lh like a lot of posts say on here. Also on the 16 evo there’s a weight behind the clutch basket aswell that can be removed along with the weight behind the flywheel and also a base gasket can be removed.
  4. Can anyone confirm the puller is left hand thread? Google searches leading to trials central all day lh thread but the seller on eBay said it’s a right hand thread on the puller he sells for the evo 15 onwards
  5. It didn’t break clean across mate made quite a mess I’ll take a picture tomorrow
  6. I’ve got a 32mm x 1.5 left hand threaded puller today. Whats best way of locking the flywheel for undoing the nut on the beta there’s no holes for a tool and is the holding nut left hand thread aswell
  7. No mate it broke just up to the airbox cover so was exposed about 2 inches at the back of the airbox. Usual conditions round here lol
  8. I’m going to trim the hooked bit that loops under the airbox so it can flex upwards but also cover the gap. I covered the light hole before with a neat piece of plastic so I’ll do the same on This one and also pop some plastic bolts in. Do you use a plastic bolt on the airbox cover aswell or just the 2 side ones?
  9. That was with one of those clear plastic sheets covering the airbox aswell as the extended mud flap up the back of the air box. I had repaired it as it was only split on one side so kept using it until broke on both sides. That wasn’t from flipping the bike unfortunately though same as when it first cracked it was from the bike landing on its side. The only way to progress is by going for harder stuff and inevitably you do come off.
  10. Anyone run the bosi mudguard kit on there evo? Is it more flexible and less brakeable than the original glass one?
  11. Do you think it would be worthwhile getting the spring and o rings from vertigo and seeing if that cures it
  12. No mate need someone with more knowledge to have a listen. Everything’s tight in there but still making the loud horrible rattle until clutch is pulled in
  13. Has anyone advanced the timing on the evo 300 to give it more grunt off the bottom?
  14. Cheers mate hadn’t seen that. Was hoping to get it before the weekend but I’ll have to wait.
  15. That’s for betas previous to 15 mate the newer ones use a female Lh thread and are 45 quid.