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  1. Removed the flywheel weight off my 18 300 and still wasn’t happy. Was planning on removing the weight off the primary drive on gearbox side but didn’t get time before buying a gp gasser
  2. Can you see which the weight is from those pictures anyone? Thanks
  3. I’ve rang beta today and they confirmed the weight on the clutch side is removeable. You take out the basket and it’s pressed onto the crankshaft and just pulls off. Mare the baskets easy to remove?
  4. If you read another thread I made earlier I’m swapping to gas gas in the next few months not because of the gear issue so much but much prefer the more power they have and it seems to suit my riding style more now
  5. Looks like I’ll just put up with it for a few months till I can get new bike then. I never use 1st anyway mate just 2nd 3rd and occasionally 4th. Just wanted that bit quicker grunt for big steps from a stand still without ringing it’s neck
  6. I’ve had a look through the parts diagrams and no weights are mentioned at all not even the flywheel weight so no further with that. For base gaskets it lists the ss as having 2x 0.5mm gaskets and the 300 having 1x1mm gasket so doesn’t look like one of these can be removed either
  7. I’ll have a look see if I can get the weight on gearbox side out if it’s easy enough. I might ring beta up when they’re open and see what else can be removed I think I’d read somewhere there might be an extra base gasket aswell but not sure about that
  8. I was just hoping to get a bit more until I can get a new gasser. Which flywheel is that? And I’ve been told there is a weight on the gearbox side like the flywheel weight?
  9. Unfortunately not I was hoping to get some pics to put up here but they’d already been took to beta before I got there as they was collecting a set of bikes. They just said new selector
  10. danbillam

    Different slide

    Anyone in here swapped there slide in a beta 300 to give it more zap off the bottom? a good rider I ride with has a gas gas 300 gp and he has altered the slide to give that more grunt off the bottom and it rides amazing so much more low down power from a stand still compared to my beta. So I think I’m going to try this until I can upgrade bikes in a few months. The manual gives all carb settings bar the slide number so if any one knows what’s fitted in 18 evo 300 that would be great before I have to wait and ring beta after the new year.
  11. Rode again today at hawks nest and no jumping out of gear again so hopefully it’s sorted
  12. Hi mate my van had a water leak so ended up mending that instead. Riding a trial tomorrow so I’ll let you know how it feels.
  13. Bikes back together and picking up tomorrow. They have said there was a few bits on the selector part that looked worn or had excessive play so they’ve been changed and will see if the problem occurs again before a full strip down so hopefully that’s it. Hoping there’s some massive steps Sunday to try it out. I’ll see if I can get some pictures tomorrow of the parts swapped and post them up
  14. I’m dropping my bike off Monday so I’ll update when and if anything’s found.
  15. I’ve rang beta this morning about my 18 it’s been recently jumping into neutral on steps etc upon impact not all the time but when it does it’s obviously dangerous. My 16 would sometimes do it near the start of a section which is more likely not engaged into 2nd properly but this one could be 30 seconds or even after a few sections without a gear change and has only happened when the force of jumping up onto big rocks or logs etc. It’s also been difficult to select neutral from new. beta has said to strip it down and look for any machining errors as they don’t see it as a common issue. so it’s going in next week to see what can be found.
  16. Msm have just emailed me a quote of £305 with road use covered for trials etc which I’m happy with. Just emailed a few questions to make sure I’m covered then will take it out
  17. What sort of price are people paying for cover on there trials bikes? I’m waiting for a quote off msm. Devitt as mentioned above said they can’t provide cover. Last year I tried with my last beta and the quote was around £600 but I can’t remember who that was with.
  18. Also noticed from the very first oil change there’s a lot of swarf on the sump plug with regular changes aswell
  19. My 18s popped out of second 3 or 4 times since I’ve had it only in the last month not the first 6 weeks I had it. My 16 used to do it regular and was one of the reasons I got rid.
  20. No mate rang vertigo up and they said they’ve all got varying amounts of rattle but not to worry unless doesn’t go when engaging the clutch
  21. danbillam


    Yes mate all stopped when i upgrades to the csp water pump kit etc rode about 6 full days since without a noise
  22. I’ve just spoke to beta Uk and the flywheel tool is rh thread not lh like a lot of posts say on here. Also on the 16 evo there’s a weight behind the clutch basket aswell that can be removed along with the weight behind the flywheel and also a base gasket can be removed.
  23. Can anyone confirm the puller is left hand thread? Google searches leading to trials central all day lh thread but the seller on eBay said it’s a right hand thread on the puller he sells for the evo 15 onwards
  24. It didn’t break clean across mate made quite a mess I’ll take a picture tomorrow
  25. I’ve got a 32mm x 1.5 left hand threaded puller today. Whats best way of locking the flywheel for undoing the nut on the beta there’s no holes for a tool and is the holding nut left hand thread aswell
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