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  1. Hey Ruffrider, When I got the bike the bike the rear brake was non existant. As the caliper was pretty knackered (thread stripped) it has now been replaced with a brand new one with new pads. I have bled it to death and still it is no where near as effective as it should be. I have the adjuster set correctly and the master cylinder seems fine. Reading various reports suggested to me that this is something that many Technos suffer from. Any suggestions?
  2. Hi there, I am 27 and had never ridden a motor bike at all never mind a trials bike. That was until earlier this year when I took the plunge and bought a '97 250 Techno. I had considered buying a bike for years and so far I can't say enough good things about mine (other that the rear brake is rubbish). A word of warning though is that the initial power surge can be daunting for a novice. I was upside down in a ditch of nettles within 5 minutes. Seriously! Good luck man.
  3. Gottch! Well it came off. Took great delight in butchering it with an angle grinder and a drill. I am now left with a rusty, greasy lump of metal and a swing arm needing stripped and painted. Thanks for all your advise people of the forum, I am sure that this will not be the last that you will hear from me.
  4. Believe it or not I snapped a "good quality" set of mole grips trying to remove this bugger. I think I mat try a bit of heat on it. The bushes are well and truly knackered and will need replaced any how. All the pics I have tried to attach on this site previously will not go on so I guess that rules that out. Will get another shot at the bike next weekend. Will let you all know the outcome. Thanks again.
  5. I bought a '97 Techno at the start of the Summer. I have replaced the caliper and put a large bottle of fluid through the line. The adjuster is at its optimum reach and still breaking is useless. I understand that it is just the way that some are and no matter how much time and money you throw at it you might as well live with it! Front brake stops on the button however. Weird!
  6. Ok, so I have tried the vice. The nut is off but the bolt remains well and truly jammed in place. The swimg arm pivots ok but the bolt will not shift. Any other suggestions please!
  7. I have a '91 TY-250 that I am rebuilding. I have managed to separate all the moving parts on the rear suspension setup apart from one pivot. The deal is this: It is a link with a grease nipple on one end and a nut on the other. It has well and truly stuck its self in and no matter what I try I cannot free it. Please help!
  8. This thread has probably been up before in one guise or another but I hope more direct advise will help me. I have a '97 Techno that I purchased at the start of the Summer. Although the bike is in great nick I am plagued by a gearbox problem that is basically this: Changing between gears is very stiff and finding neutral is a chalange to say the least. It has gotten so bad that sometimes I have to stall the engine. Sit in the bike, hold onto the shifter and rock the bike back and forth wiggling to get the bike out of gear. I change the fluid after every 6 or 7 hours of use and use PJ1 fluid. My maintenance skills are fairly solid but I have never tackled a 'box before. Does anyone have any advise that may help or know of anyone in the Edinburgh area that can be trusted to do a good job? Any advise would be appreciated.
  9. Hey Screwdriver, I have recently stripped and sold most of my Zero but I still have the engine and box left. The fly wheel is missing but apart from that everything is fine. Fancy it? I will take
  10. Hi Bow Wow. I am in exactly the same boat. Having just bought a rough, non running Pinky for 60 quid I am about to embark on a Winter rebuild. Good luck man. I will keep my eyes peeled for progress reports.
  11. I have a genuine, bonifide Pinky guys. Cheers for the info. Although it is pretty rough I think it should be given a second lease of life. Long live the Pinky!!
  12. I hope someone out there can help me. I have just picked up a TY250 (for better or for worse) for