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  1. Betarev3...what is the carb work work you are doing? PS. Have just started with an '03 Sherco. Retarded the timing alot and added the slow action throttle to calm it down a bit. I like and ride it better now.
  2. Telecat. Thanks for replying. The plug that came with the bike was a 6. So I new one in of the same value (ok?). The mix I used I'm sure had too much oil. I ran 40:1 and prob should be using 100:1 (yes?) Also, when I think back to the pre-amble conversation I had with the owner prior to buying the bike, I suspect that the bike sat for quite some time with old fuel in it. Hence, i will pull the carburettor apart anyway. As a follow-up question...it has the same the PHBG car that we run in the 50 Supercross bikes. I tend to run the needle clip at one down from top. What do you do for the Beta 50??? Cheers and Thanks for any help you can give. J.
  3. We've just picked up a used '06 model. It has a habit of dying every-now and again. I haven't pulled the carb apart yet (probable cause)......BUT......please can you guys tell me two things... What Plug do you run? What pre-mix ratio do you run? Thank You. J
  4. Thanks guys... Are there any 'sidewhow' events for kids below 16 (ie. not yet licensed to ride on the road)?? cheers. J
  5. Jezza thanks... Has anybody had experience of fitting or using these? Looks pretty good..
  6. Hi. I think the title says it all. I am just about to pull a Rev50 out of its crate (bought a very good used one). Its for my son who has just turned 8. Is it possible to convert the clutch to a Hydraulic one?
  7. ktmsprocket


    Hi...What is the youngest age a rider can do the SSDT?
  8. i fink i can smell burning...
  9. Things I do....sometimes one works, sometimes you need to do all. Reverse flush:: Syringe fluid through caliper and up and out of the reservoir. Messy so use rags. Bleed:: Attach clear tube to caliper nipple and have it go into a half full clear container of brake fluid. Pull clutch lever in while opening the nipple. Close nipple before you let go of lever. Top up reservoir with fluid as you go. Do this steadily and take your time. PS. You do feel like you need 6ft arms or a blonde assistant . Bleed the banjo union:: Sometimes you need to loosen the banjo at the reservoir and reverse syringe fluid through the caliper. Messy. Use harsh language:: Shout at the f*kr and then set light to it.
  10. Buchanan in the US?
  11. copemech....i just revisted the photo you posted. In the '03 2.9 I just did the timing on, the factory 'mark' on the plate was lined up against the right side of the aluminium post that the allen screw goes into. (I am sure that the flywheel had never been off before)
  12. Neo...thanks for the offer. Will take you up on it 8-) I just reset the timing - 7mm retarded from stock. A lot less punchy and seems to run OK as is. Very happy even if pulling the flyweel nut was a b****.
  13. I just finished the timing mod and ran the bike around the back yard for an hour or so. From the factory marking, I moved the timing back by 7mm (measured as accurately as i could with Digital caliper). I also happened to move the bars more forward as suggested in another thread. The change in timing made a big difference. The bike was much more rideable and also with the bars more forward and i felt in more control (quite noticeable). I noticed now that lifting the front was easier and my arms weren't pulled out of their sockets due to poor riding style and power I couldn't quite handle. I pulled wheelies easier but then noticed that the slow action throttle when fitted will help even more. Happy bunny now. (of course it goes without saying that a smaller bike would have been a better first bike - but thats life) (I will keep an eye on any heating and poor running as I get better and push the bike a bit longer/harder) Thanks for all your help!!!
  14. Am very much a beginner. I think the message I am getting from the recent threads/posts on this subject is this (if you are a beginner with a 2.9):: It is probably best to:: 1 fully retard the timing to get used to the bike and and do your basic exersises 2 If you have done 1 above, know that there is unburnt fuel in the pipe therefore likely to cause overheating if you run the bike for long periods (or if you start riding the bike harder). 3 Decrease the amount of ignition retarding as you built your skill or time on the bike 4 Once reasonably competant, fine tune to your liking Is that a fair observation???
  15. OK. SO i put the impact wrench on the nut and it won't shift. Tried both directions in the end... Please can someone confirm whether to rotate the nut clockwise or counter....? and.. should it be this hard to get the retaining nut off?? Cheers. J
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